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15 Amazing Facts About Studying in Canada for Indian Students


Canada is the most preferred study abroad destination by Indian students. Every year, a plethora of students flock towards this country to study in Canada. Canada is known for giving quality education to worldwide at a moderate expense. This is the reason students from all over the world come to student Canada all the time for their higher studies. At present, about 10% of the college populace of Canada originates from abroad. There are roughly 353,000 universal students in Canada from which 14% are from India. Coming up next are some must know realities for students who are wanting to study in Canada– 



High Rankings-There is 98 Universities in Canada with numerous establishments and schools. 26 of these 98 Universities have been recorded in the QS World University Rankings of 2016–2017. There are 3 Universities in Canada in the best 50, 10 Universities in Canada in the main 300 and the rest of the 13 Universities recorded in the best 700 foundations of the rundown. Canada is positioned in the best 5 countries that aides in the arrangement of a more grounded higher education system according to the US Higher Education System Strength Rankings of 2016. There are four urban communities in Canada that are recorded in the QS 2016 Best Student Cities in the World and they are Quebec, Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver. 


Admission System to study in Canada: There are 3 admissions for students in a year and they are in January, May, and September. May has the least admission and September has the most extreme admission. For the long stretch of September, you should start the application procedure for the Universities at any rate 1 to 1.5 years ahead of time as the University shuts their applications around 5 to a half year before the admission. The January consumption for students closes from August to September and the May admission closes from September to November. The admission for September closes from December to January. 


September intake to study in Canada (significant admission) : College application should begin 1 to 1.5 years ahead of time as colleges shut their application 5–6 months preceding admission, for example, January admission closes from August to September; May admission closes from September to November; September admission closes from December to January. The applications for these schools close around one to two months before admission and the due dates on these applications rely upon the Universities you apply to study in Canada.



College Degrees In Canada: On the off chance that you plan on going to study in Canada after secondary school, coming up next are the three choices you can pick 


  1. Diploma Course to study in Canada: 2 years 
  2. Advance Diploma Course to study in Canada: 3 years 
  3. Bachelor’s Degree to study in Canada: 4 years 


Schools and colleges in Canada offer these scholarly projects. For seeking graduation degrees, most students like to study in Canada. Students likewise have the choice to apply to colleges and schools under the Student Partners Program or SPP. This is a joint activity set up in 2009 for students from India to furnish students with a streamlined visa and confirmation process. At present, there are 47 schools and colleges that fall under the SPP.


Qualification criteria to study in Canada: For a recognition certificate, you should score 55% in the best four subjects with a 6.0 generally speaking IELTS band with 6 least groups in each. You are permitted a one-year study gap whenever defended. For a Bachelor’s qualification, you need to have an 80% score with an IELTS score of 6 least groups in each. 


For postgraduate degrees to study in Canada: With regards to examining postgraduate and a Master’s degree to study in Canada. The Universities in Canada acknowledge 16 years of scholarly instruction before you apply for a Master’s qualification. This is the reason Indian students need to experience a one year postgraduate, confirmation or an alumni endorsement course in Canada to compensate for the required 16 years of training. Students should score at any rate 70 to 75% with a general IELTS band of 6.5 with 6 least groups in each. The span for a postgraduate diploma or recognition course is from 8 months to one year. In the multi-month program, there are two semesters the span is 4 months and in the one year program, there are three semesters.


For qualification, the student needs to score 55 percent in scholarly scores with 6.5 by and large IELTS band with least 6 groups each. For an MBA degree, you have to finish a multi-year scholastic training with a base work understanding of 1 year. There are anyway a couple of colleges that give you this adaptability. The qualification for application is 70 to 75 percent. For GMAT you ought to have a score of 580–600 and for IELTS your general band score ought to be 6.5. 


Permanent Residency (PR): The Post Graduation Work Permit Program or PGWPP enables students to apply for a work grant post the course finishes.


Canada’s Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP) enables students to apply for a work license after course culmination. stay back in the nation choice relies on the course that you settle on. For the 8 months program, the stay back period is 8 months, for the 1-year program, the stay back period you get a one-year work license and for a long time or more, you get a multi-year work grant. 


The preparing of your application takes as long as 2 years and the movement laws of the country require you should remain in the country for at any rate 3 months. 


Consult with best consultants to get information on a study visa to study in Canada:


When you have chosen to study in Canada, it is significant for you to know about numerous things recorded previously. Only thinking about the confirmation methodology to SDS universities in Canada and other top scholastic organizations isn’t sufficient. It is here that you should meet experienced abroad education specialists to study in Canada for knowing increasingly like convenience, money related grants and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 


“Eh” is a genuine word! This acclaimed Canadian contribution is a real word in the Oxford English Dictionary. The definition is “a shout used to speak to a sound made in the discourse, particularly one used to express inquiry, shock, or to inspire understanding.” A pretty cool approach to kick off our rundown of Canada certainties, eh?! 


Superman was co-made by a Canadian! Superman might be known as the incomparable American legend, however, his causes lie in the Great White North. Canadian comic book craftsman Joe Shuster made the acclaimed DC Comics character with essayist Jerry Siegel during the 1930s while the pair were still in secondary school. The pair, in the end, offered their funny cartoon to Detective Comics Inc. (which later progressed toward becoming DC Comics) for $130 USD. Superman made his comic book debut on April 18, 1938, in real life Comics 1, an arrangement that keeps on being distributed right up ’til the present time. 


Canada has less gravity than anyplace else on the planet! All things considered, kind of. In the Hudson Bay district, the normal occupant gauges a tenth of an ounce short of what they would anyplace else. Why? All things considered, everything returns to the last ice age, which finished more than 11,000 years prior. During this period, a lot of Canada was secured by a goliath icy mass called the Laurentide Ice Sheet. Ice is extremely substantial, so when the ice started to liquefy around 21,000 years prior, the Earth underneath it started to gradually spring back. Be that as it may, the Hudson Bay district is as yet distorted right up ’til the present time thus has less mass than it should. Fewer mass methods less gravity, which clarifies why you’ll weigh only somewhat less on the off chance that you set foot in this piece of Canada. 


All that is left of the Laurentide Ice Sheet is the Barnes Ice Cap, amidst Baffin Island in northern Canada. Sadly, because of an Earth-wide temperature boost, it may not be around for any longer. 


Over 20% of Canada’s populace is remotely conceived! Canada is universally perceived as a multicultural country and that is not only because of good showcasing. As indicated by Statistics Canada, about 7 million Canadians were conceived in an alternate nation (for setting, Canada’s populace was 37.06 million starting at 2018). This makes Canada the most assorted nation among G8 countries! Most of Canada’s remote conceived populace live in Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, and Alberta. 


Canada is the most educated nation on the planet: Canada is a nation that perceives the significance of value training and this is reflected in its kin. Over 56% of Canadian grown-ups hold a professional education, the most elevated extent among created countries. The following most educated nation on the planet is Japan at simply over half, trailed by Israel with 49.9%. 


Santa Clause Claus’ legitimate location is in Canada: Santa Clause Claus is a well-known figure in Western Christian culture. The cutting edge variant of Santa or “Holy person Nick” was impacted by Greek, British, and Dutch culture. Be that as it may, Santa is firmly connected with Canada because of the reality the nation reaches out into the North Pole. Each Christmas, more than 1 million letters are routed to Santa Claus. Indeed, you can compose a letter in any language, mail it toward the North Pole, H0H oHo, Canada, and Santa will send you a letter back! 


Canada creates a greater part of the world’s maple syrup: Beating our rundown of astounding Canada certainties is a well-known Canadian sauce. There’s a generally excellent reason maple syrup has turned into a Canadian generalization – we have such an extensive amount it! Indeed, the area of Quebec alone is in charge of 70 percent(!) of the world’s maple syrup yield. The United States is the following biggest maker, while Japan and South Korea have little activities of their own. For more maple syrup-related substance, we exceedingly prescribe you read about the Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist. No, we didn’t make that up – it’s the genuine article!


Top-positioned organizations to study in Canada: The organizations in Canada, generally open establishments have a broad history and decent notoriety in education exhibition. They are perceived worldwide and the students who study in Canada and graduate from these foundations, get plenty of chances all over the place. Likewise, a portion of the establishments in Canada is viewed as superior to the foundations of U.K and U.S.A. As indicated by the examination of 2017-2018, the establishments in Canada are inviting an ever increasing number of universal students so there are high shots for students to apply for 2019 and 2020 to think about in Canada, They may get the study visa in all respects effectively in order to study in Canada.


A lot of Job Opportunities to study in Canada: There are many profession openings accessible for global students to study in Canada and for employment like on grounds and off grounds too. The students should be excited and get solid supports to think about in Canada. Any student with great abilities can think about study in Canada and find a new line of work in Canada as it has the most astounding business showcase. The most significant preferred position to study in Canada is that the students get the down to earth understanding from the foundations and get work in a brief timeframe once they complete their examinations.


Down to earth Research, Discoveries and Experiments: The students who study in Canada get a great deal of introduction as the foundations are having the tie-ups with some prominent ventures regarding course updation and grounds enrollment. The organizations in Canada are giving the examination based courses also to study in Canada with the goal that the students can investigate different choices in their examinations. 


More examination choices by Canadian Institutions to study in Canada:


It is considered as the best spot to study in Canada and live moreover. The students are given different choices in their field of study. This can be the reason that an ever increasing number of students need to study in Canada and get the pertinent business open doors as they get part of alternatives for studies. The Canadian Government has made the principles and guidelines exceptionally simple for global students to study in Canada and land positions in the significant field.



V future step is a study abroad recommendation app which connects you with the best study abroad consultant in your region. If you are seeking to study in Canada then it is time for you to concentrate on your studies and your life in a foreign country. We will choose the best study abroad consultant for Canada on your behalf so that you don’t have to face any problem with your dream to study in Canada.

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