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How to Make Friends While Studying Abroad

How to Make Friends While Studying Abroad

The students will definitely think about meeting new people and making friends while they are planning to study abroad. Before the international students will fly to a different country for their higher studies, they will picture themselves with foreign friends. They will need to stay with their roommates who will be from different countries all over the world. Living with the roommates who are not from India and from various backgrounds will give a different exposure to international students. It is very important for students that they deal with the roommates properly and it will add amazing experience and value to their study abroad experience positively.



Preparing to Deal With Roommates:



If the international students will go for college or university and on campus accommodation option, they will be informed about the students who will be staying with them. The students can consider from the details provided by the college or university authorities how their roommates or flatmates will be like. The students can also do some research related to the country their partner is coming from once they come to know about their roommate or flatmate.



What is their culture and how they deal with people? It will help the students to understand in detail and plan dealing with them accordingly while studying abroad. They should also divide their work between the two of them. The students should make sure that they cook for them on their own and clean everything before leaving the room instead of expecting from their roommates to do so.



Settling Down Initially:



The nature and behavior of roommate is not predictable, so the students need to give some time for the first few days to understand each other and create a bond between them. It will take some time for both of them to have proper conversation, communicate properly and settle down together.



The students should try doing different things from the home country of their roommates and flatmates. In fact they can visit some restaurants and cafes to eat or have a cup of coffee. Cooking together will also be the great idea to increase the conversations and making the bond strong. They can travel together and visit or explore their study abroad city together.



There is no doubt that usually roommates become the first friends of international students in their study abroad country as they will be spending most of their time after studying in college or university with them. The students can also visit other places together for shopping like hotels or restaurants, grocery stores, salons, cafes, hospitals and many other places. They can also learn and try using or speaking basic words of their native language. It will also help if the students attend and be the part of their celebrations and festivals.


Expenses Sharing:



The students should make sure that they contribute equally in terms on money and shared things in the room. There are many expenses related to day-to-day life like grocery, soap, gas, water, milk, electricity bill, rent and many other important things. It will help them to deal with all these aspects in a better way if sharing is done properly. The room partner of international students may be from a different country or culture but there are few things which are encouraged anywhere like keeping your room and thing clean, maintaining the privacy for each other and to be responsible on your own.



It will be a good thing if the responsibilities and tasks are divided equally between student and their roommate. There are many tasks which need to be taken care of by both of them so they need to assign different responsibilities in order to manage their tasks like cleaning, cooking, washing the dishes, dusting and mopping. It will help them if the responsibilities are clear right from the start while studying abroad.



Communicating with People and Making Friends:



It may happen that initially international students will feel lonely as they will not have anyone to communicate when they go to a foreign country or institution. Being in a new country, different people and culture will have some difficulties but they need to settle down according to the situations. There can be language barriers as well while talking to different people. The students become less confident sometimes being in the new place and people but they should keep going rather than withdrawing.



They should continue to meet people and deal with the society. They should be proactive and take initiatives to communicate with other people and build friendships and relationships with them. It will really help international students to understand each and every aspect in detail and making extra efforts which is definitely going to result into positive outcome at the end of the day. The best thing international students can do is to contact the senior students in their college or university.



Guidance from Senior Students in the Institution:



The senior students will be able to give the detailed idea about the college or university and the culture as well. They have already spent more than a year in college or university in abroad so they will be able to guide the students in a right way on how to tackle the things. It is not necessary that the senior students should be from the home country of the students. They can be from any other countries like Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, Australia and many other popular countries for studying abroad.



The senior students can help the new students in many ways like showing the the college or university, campus and some important areas of institution. They can also guide them on how to choose the subjects, select their classes and arrange the textbooks. Sometimes they can help with their textbooks also if they purchased when they were in the same year.The senior students can also become the best friends for new students or they can even become mentors to guide them about their career further. They students can contact them initially in case of any queries.



Join the Groups With Shared Interests:



Apart from contacting the senior students and taking the guidance from them, the international students can also join the association of students in their college or university where they will be able to get the answers of all their questions. The students can check the association details about the home country students or if they are interested they can go for the association which will include the students from different countries all across the world. It will not take much time for students to connect with these associations. It will be a good idea for international students to do the same as they have already been through the same situations so they will be the best people to talk to about their problems and solutions.



There will be many other groups related to activities and interests of students. International students can also join the same to enjoy their free time and hobbies and do some time pass with the people having shared interests. It will be amazing to connect with the roommates and seniors while studying abroad and building strong relationships for lifetime. For more information on connecting with people while studying abroad and other study abroad queries and updates, visit V Future Step website which gives a great opportunity to students to explore popular foreign countries to study abroad, programs, institutions, services and study abroad consultants as well to help them in all the process starting from selecting a country to pre departure of students.




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