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How to Score Highest Bands in IELTS to Study in Canada?

How to Score Highest Band in IELTS to Study in Canada?

If you are planning to study in Canada then clearing IELTS is the first step that you need to follow as IELTS is the topmost requirement in order to study in Canada. Now, as you have decided to make your future in Canada then here is all about you need to know about IELTS and ways to score the highest band in order to study in Canada. Now, the first question that arises in your mind is:



IELTS test- When to apply?: You’ve studied hard, read the best readiness books, and effectively cleared the IELTS test (International English Language Testing System). Well done! IELTS is the most important test and you should feel pleased with your achievement. Presently it’s a great opportunity to sit tight for your outcomes for your successful journey to study in Canada. 



Be that as it may, when will you get them?: Alternatively, there is somewhat of a holding up period between taking the IELTS test and getting your outcomes. In this post, we’ll spread what that holding up period resembles, yet what you can do with your IELTS results after you get them. 



To what extent does it take to get results of IELTS to study in Canada?: It relies upon the test design. IELTS results are accessible 13 days after you take the paper-based test. Nonetheless, it possibly takes 5-7 days to get results if your test is PC based! Your outcomes will be conveyed to you or you can lift them up to face to face.  Your outcomes are conveyed in a Test Report Form (TRF). IELTS test focuses will just give one duplicate of the TRF, however, you will get two on the off chance that you are: 


  • Applying to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) 
  • Applying to United Kingdom Visas and Immigration (UKVI) 



Moreover, you can submit up to five (5) duplicates of your TRF to any important organizations you have recorded on your IELTS application structure (more on that beneath). You can demand more TRFs, however, anything past these five might be liable to an extra charge. 


SMS notifications are accessible at some test focuses and you can see your result online before getting the Test Report Form. Temporary test outcomes are bitten by bit took off 24 hours after the test is taken and are accessible to see for 28 days after the test date. Simply recall that the test email or message is temporary and NOT an official outcome. You have to collect TRF as proof to study in Canada.



Always remember, your unique Test Result Form is a profitable record. Ensure you don’t send your own duplicate to any organizations or offices. Test focuses can send up to five extra TRFs to five unique colleges. This administration is accessible for nothing out of pocket inside one month of your test date. In the event that you need more duplicates, extra charges will apply. 



Tips to demand score sending: So you got your Test Result Form and got a high band score (extraordinary employment!). However, what do you would on the off chance that you like to present your IELTS results as a feature of your school application? Indeed, you have a couple of choices. 



The main alternative is to demand score sharing during your enlistment. Basically, give the name and address of up to five colleges or universities when rounding out your enlistment. This alternative is helpful, however, the drawback is that your academic institutes may get your outcomes before you do! This could endanger your odds of confirmation. 



A superior choice is to make a strong decision to study in Canada after accepting your score. Along these lines, you’ll know without a doubt if your score meets a school’s qualification necessities. To do this, login to the IELTS site (ensure it coordinates the nation you stepped through the exam – Canada, UK, India, and so on.) and discover the Apply for extra TRFs alternative. You would then be able to round out an application structure. On the off chance that you are utilizing ApplyBoard to apply to college or school, we present your IELTS results for you! You should simply incorporate a duplicate of your TRF as a feature of your application procedure and we’ll deal with the rest. 



Conveyance Methods and Payments: When you’ve chosen which schools you’ll be sending your outcomes, it’s an ideal opportunity to pick a conveyance technique. Your TRF can be sent either electronically or by paper conveyance. In any case, few out of every odd school will acknowledge the two strategies, so you’ll have to check their official site first before submitting. 



Sending your TRF electronically is ideal, as you’ll need to pay for a paper rendition to be sent by a messenger (customary postage is normally given complimentary). Utilizing a messenger costs cash, however, they can all the more likely track your shipment and furthermore tell you when it’s conveyed. It takes around five business days for a college to get your electronic score, while a paper report normally takes somewhere in the range of five to ten business days to proceed in the process to study in Canada. 



Questioning your results: In case you’re discontent with your IELTS results and think there might be an error, you can apply for a comment. IELTS alludes to this as an “Enquiry on Results” and you can present your application at your test focus inside about a month and a half of the test date. 



Remember that you’ll need to pay an inquiry expense to do as such and may be discounted if your band score changes. IELTS instructors pursue severe evaluation rules and are observed intently. In that capacity, it’s in all respects improbable your band score will change during a comment. It’s, for the most part, suggested you retake the test rather, as there’s no restriction on the occasions you can do as such during your process to study in Canada.



The full form of IELTS is the International English Language Testing System and this test is conducted in 130 countries at 1000+ locations. There are almost 48 test dates of IELTS in all over the year to study in Canada. Although there are two types of IELTS test- academic and general. Academic IELTS is for study purpose and general is for PR or work purpose. So, in order to study in Canada, you must clear IELTS in academic. 



Required skills for clearing IELTS to study in Canada: IELTS exam consists of four modules in this language proficiency test: listening, reading, writing and speaking. So, students who study in Canada must be an expert in these modules in order to secure admission in any course to study in Canada. Now, suppose your routine during your study in Canada, there is a need to understand what your professors or speakers are saying. Moreover, you must be proficient enough to read texts in a short span of time. And talking about writing assignments, you will be required to prepare a presentation. Moreover, you have to take part in in-class activities or group projects during your study in Canada to get good marks in the final report. Therefore, you must be proficient with your English language skills. Although it is a test for British English there is no need to master the British accent. 



Step by step instructions to get a high IELTS score: Before you begin getting ready for the IELTS test, so as to accomplish a decent score for admission to any program to study in Canada, you should ensure that you are familiar with English and can score desired band score in all the four modules. 



Simply after you have a decent establishment – an authority of standard English sentence structure, academic level vocabulary, familiarity with perusing perception, composing with great language structure and a rich vocabulary, listening cognizance and talking – would you be able to make the following stride: getting acquainted with the IELTS design to study in Canada. The time taken to improve your general degree of English will vary contingent upon your beginning level and power of the study. You should then set aside some effort to get comfortable with the particular IELTS prerequisites and familiar with the test position. 


Here are eleven fundamental advances that will enable you to accomplish a high IELTS score: 

  • Begin your readiness early, be predictable, and screen your advancement much of the time. 
  • Ace standard English punctuation in an efficient manner to make your journey to study in Canada easily and smooth.
  • Work on utilizing your English abilities in four different ways –listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • Accept each open door to impart in English, orally and recorded as a hard copy to study in Canada. 
  • Enhance your vocabulary. This doesn’t occur incidentally. Expect to learn at any rate 10 new words from various branches of knowledge consistently make your life easy during the study in Canada. 
  • Peruse longer messages spent significant time in various branches of knowledge – the board, money, culture, history, sciences, and so on. 
  • Tune in to the news and watch documentaries on different subjects in English. 
  • Work on chatting with other English speakers about yourself – your diversions, interests, regular day to day existence, family, employment, dreams and expert yearnings. 
  • When you have a strong establishment of English language learning and abilities, join an IELTS course or work with an expert IELTS guide. 
  • On the off chance that you are uncertain about whether you are prepared to begin getting ready for the IELTS test, step through asymptomatic examination and get criticism from an expert teacher on your level and following stages. 
  • Towards the finish of your IELTS planning, begin rehearsing with full-length tests under sensible conditions for half a month prior to the test date so that you can easily study in Canada. 



The point of IELTS arrangement is to ensure you are extremely conversant in English and prepared for a Master’s or an MBA degree program taught in English. Colleges will expect that you are similarly great in every one of the four abilities. So arrangement to sit the IELTS isn’t just about acquiring a high score. The most significant point is improving your English language abilities.



What IELTS Band score is acceptable to study Master’s or an MBA course as well as bachelors in Canada?:


The band requirement is different for different courses. If you are planning to go under SDS rule then you must score a minimum of 6 in each module. To study in Canada, band requirement is 6 for study bachelors while for master courses, the band score should be 6.5 with no module less than 6. Score of IELTS varies between 1 and 9. These score clear different levels of proficiency in English language like 1 band = no user means he/she can’t get international degree; 5 score means = modest user that he needs to work harder; 7 band= good user that needs little bit practice; 9 score = expert user that can easily adjust in a new environment without any language barrier. But different academic institutes have unique requirements so you must clear it from the official website that what is the required band score to get admission in your desired course to study in Canada. Keep a sharp eye on the college website to get information about the latest updates or change in any rule so that you can apply accordingly. Moreover, there are only a few seats of every course in Canada so make sure you apply before the last date to avoid any problems. Otherwise, you may need to apply in the next intake to study in Canada.



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