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How to Study Abroad Having Less Money?

Study Abroad With Less Money


Are you willing to study abroad but having less money? Here are some steps you can follow…


If you have a dream of studying abroad but you cannot afford it then you are not alone. It is a huge expense to study abroad in different countries worldwide for many international students. Not each and every student will have a huge balance just sitting around in their bank to fund their higher studies abroad or their travel goals. It might make it easier for some students having their rich parents or some close relatives.


But some of the international students who want to study abroad can always start saving their money from starting and it is not that difficult for them. If you already decided after your secondary or higher secondary that you want to study abroad then you can start saving the money accordingly.


So it is recommended that the students should prepare some kind of schedule, budget or excel sheet to maintain their income and expenses. They can also open their savings account and update their CVs as well because if the students plan and save properly then it is possible for them to study abroad.


It will be challenging for some students initially to figure out how they will afford their study abroad expenses. But they can always consider these things and problems as their learning and get prepared for their study abroad experiences which they are going to have when they study abroad.


It is very important for all international students that they show great amount of dedication, passion, enthusiasm and persistence. These are some necessary characteristics for raising the funds for them and travelling to a different country to study abroad!



How Can You Figure Out to Afford Your Study Abroad?


No one will ever say that it is very easy to study abroad for all the students. If you really want to study abroad but no bank balance in your account is stopping you, from studying abroad then you will need to make a proper plan. You will have to give up many of your habits like going in costly restaurants, spending on unnecessary clothes and other parties. There are some changes which you will need to start implementing in your life.


You are definitely going to see a lot of positive changes in your life once you start giving up some habits and focus on your savings to study abroad. It is definitely possible for all the students who stay focused and dedicated towards their goal to study abroad.


Here Are Some Tips on What to Do If You Don’t Have Enough Money to Study Abroad:


First of all, you need to stop thinking that it’s not possible for you to study abroad. If you do a proper research and a lot of hard work for getting there, it is always possible and you can make it up.


Here are some important points to consider while planning for study abroad journey to get you started.


Calculate how much you need to save:


It is expensive to study abroad, but you should know how much money required exactly? You should just not worry about money and keep thinking about the problems. Instead you should start researching to have the better understanding for the cost to study abroad. You can first check V Future Step website and see the popular countries and programs to study abroad. Once you decide about the country and program you want to study in, then you can connect with best study abroad consultants to study abroad in your city who will be able to guide you for all the costs involved and processes as well.



You need to keep it in your mind that the cost will vary according to countries and programs you are selecting. There will be many reasons why some of the institutions and programs as well are having higher fee structure.


Some of the programs will only cover the registration fee, application fee and tuition fee. While other programs will have all the costs included like accommodation, food and air tickets also sometimes. Some of the institutions will help students for the same and it can save your time and energy as well. It is very important for students to choose their study abroad program wisely so that they can estimate the total cost of studying abroad. The students can compare many institutions and programs and then they can select the best available options according to their requirements with the help of V Future Step.



The best way the students can decide about important points is to get the free consultation from best study abroad consultants. The students can also compare their cost in their home country for travelling, food and rent. They need to see what language they need to speak while they study abroad. Researching about all these aspects will provide an idea to students that for which things they need to pay in advance and which things they can pay for once they arrive in their study abroad country.


Choose Your Study Abroad Country wisely:


There are some countries and cities which are highly expensive while thinking to study abroad and in terms of life style as well. If your budget is low and you are planning to go to countries and cities which are affordable or cheap then you should avoid these expensive countries and cities. There are many cities which are incredible and still affordable by international students to study abroad.


The students just need to do a bit of research to know about affordable, inexpensive and amazing destinations to study abroad where they can have a great experience. If you are considering or having any specific places in your mind while choosing your study abroad destination which seem to be costly then you can still find some affordable places compared to those destinations.



The air tickets can be the biggest expense for international students after their tuition fee to study abroad, so it will be better to find a study abroad destination near to your home country compared to other foreign countries. This way you can save few of the dollars which can be used somewhere else. You can also find many cheap airfare options to arrange your tickets for your study abroad destination. So it is very important that you check out all the options before you finalise any of them.


Research About Scholarships and Financial Assistance:


The scholarships are the best way to finance and support your study abroad journey. It is a great chance for international students to get a scholarship for their higher studies in any foreign country. It can be the great opportunity for poor students who want to study abroad and score good and highest marks in their latest education. The students can meet their goal to study abroad by applying for these scholarships.


There are many options available for students who want to apply for scholarships to study abroad! It doesn’t matter what program id your major, your background and which destination you are applying for. The students will need to make sure that they research about all the available scholarship options. They need to pay an attention to each and every small detail to get the scholarships to study abroad.


It might happen that the scholarships will not cover all your travelling expenses, but getting a scholarship of minimum amount also can really help you to make the things easier for you. The students who keep worrying about studying abroad can always think about these options and research about these options to make their dream come true.




Education Loans and Financial Aid:



If the students are currently enrolled at any college or university, then they will be eligible for some sort of financial aid from their institutions. And they can also use their financial aid towards their study abroad cost which can be very helpful to them. If the students participate in a study abroad program which is approved by their college or university’s office to study abroad, then there are very high chances that the students can use their existing education loan towards their study abroad cost and living expenses.


If the students are not able to use their federal financial education loan, then they can always look for other types of loans available in the market with some private and public financial institutions. Most of the times students prefer private loans to to turn their study abroad dream into reality, but they need to ensure that they look into the terms and conditions before they sign anything. There will be higher interest rates on private education loans than the federal ones. So the students need to keep this in mind as they plan about their savings strategies.


Communication Skills and Job Opportunities:


If the students are not working, then it will be the right time for them to get a job as soon as they complete their diploma or bachelor degree! They can start applying for any kind of job opening they find because they need to reach their goal to study abroad. On a serious note, the students can really do any kind of job like at grocery shops, back office executive, doing babysitting or working in a retail shop. Every salary will get them closer to their goal to study abroad.


But the students will need to be careful with their salaries they are getting. They need to make sure that they plan accordingly and set up the system to save their money. This will help them to save their salary otherwise it will all be disappeared in their unnecessary habits and expenses. It will be the best way for students if they open up their savings account and start saving their money in the account for travelling and studying abroad. The confidence of the students will also grow with their account balance.



Raise the Funds:



The students can do the part-time job and it will be a great way to make sure that they have a constant income into their savings account. The students are also advised to raise funds for themselves. It can be a good way to increase their bank balance and it will also help them to reach their study abroad goal faster. There are many activities through which the students can raise the funds for them to study abroad like they can have a sale of miscellaneous second-hand items with them and can also sell it on the internet. They can also do trial and error to see what works best for them to raise more funds to study abroad. It can be a great way to arrange money for reaching their goal to study abroad if students stay creative, motivated and enthusiastic.


Budget Planning:



This is one of the best skills any student can have to figure out how to study abroad. It will help the students to go farther for a long way if they know how to do budgeting. They should do the first thing is to set up their complete budget so that they can save as much as possible before they go on their trip to study abroad. Once they know that they have saved enough​​ for their study abroad program and journey then they should do some research also about their study abroad destination. So that they can have the idea about spending their saved money.




So these are the main important aspects the students need to focus on while working on their study abroad journey. To know more details about scholarships, fundraising, education loan and any kind of financial assistance, please visit V Future Step website. We are a study abroad recommendation platform where we provide free guidance to students for their study abroad destination, program and connect them with best study abroad consultants for free. They can compare and select the best available options for them to study abroad. So don’t waste your time and APPLY TODAY!!!



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