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How to Work After Completing Studies in Canada?



As Canada is the dream destination of many international students so every year, a large number of students who want to study in Canada apply in Canadian Colleges or Universities to secure their future.  



How to work after completing studies in Canada?:


A significant part of choosing a study abroad goal is the work chances accessible after the course is completed. Advanced education combined with the everyday costs is very costly and openings for work after the course turns into a significant main factor in picking the nation to study abroad. The availability of occupations after the completion of the course is additionally a significant factor in choosing specific specializations by the applicant.


The nation’s policy towards offering work chances to its global students who study in Canada is frequently a standout amongst the most significant explanations behind a student to pick it to seek after advanced education. Helpful work approaches advantage the student as it’s anything but a financially practical to come back to the nation of origin in the wake of gaining a costly instructive capability. Chances of work after completing study in Canada is one of the significant motivations to decide for higher studies. Canadian work arrangements for universal students who study in Canada after they complete their courses are agreeable as they offer the students who study in Canada openings once they complete their courses. This article talks about the work openings accessible to global students who study in Canada and are interested to seek after advanced education in Canadian colleges or universities.



Canada is a standout amongst the most well-known study abroad goal having a part of the top colleges on the planet. Alongside this, the top colleges to study in Canada are additionally among the top goals for Natural Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences and Management and Life Sciences and Medicine. Canada has earned a ton of goodwill among universal students who study in Canada for its students inviting post-study work visa guidelines.



Without any difficulty of access to different open doors for work after study in Canada, it’s no big surprise why the nation is an undeniably well-known goal for global students who study in Canada.



A Post-Graduate Work Permit is a door to a bright future: The Post Graduate Work Permit Program (PGWPP) permits global students who study in Canada and have finished an academic degree from taking an interest Canadian post-secondary organization to have the capacity to work after study in Canada. Worldwide study who increase talented Canadian work experience may likewise meet all requirements to apply for Permanent Residence (PR) through Canadian experience class.



The PGWPP is helpful to competitors who need more opportunity to search for reasonable business and is likewise the initial step to take for hopefuls who need to at last get Canadian citizenship. The reason behind this is that, if an applicant is very talented and has the required work experience, the individual in question can turn into a native of Canada under the Express Entry scheme.



Duration of the Post-Graduate Work Permit after you study in Canada: The PGWPP enables the student to work for a period equivalent to the term of the program of study the student has studied in Canada. The most extreme length of work licensed under the PGWPP is three years. This implies the work grant isn’t offered for a period longer than the length program of study finished by a candidate. The base duration of work after completing study in Canada offered under the PGWPP is eight months. Competitors who are seeking after programs in Canada which are under 8 months in duration are not qualified. Additionally, regardless of whether an applicant is seeking after a three-year course or a four-year course, the work grant offered under the PGWPP will be three years as it were.



Eligibility criteria to work after completing Study in Canada: To be qualified to get permission to work after completing a study in Canada, the applicant needs to satisfy certain pre-conditions. The principal criteria which make an applicant qualified for the work permit is a base report length of eight months in a Canadian designated learning institute. Furthermore, the competitor should likewise satisfy the below-mentioned criteria:


The hopeful must:

  1. Minimum of 18 years old while applying.
  2. Have pursued a full-time course to study in Canada (for a minimum duration of eight months)
  3. more likely than not moved on from a Public post-secondary school, for example, an exchange/specialized school, college or school. The private secondary or post-secondary school must offer projects of length 900 hours or longer for the expert recognition or should be a private Canadian establishment which can lawfully grant degrees.
  4. apply for the PGWP within 90 days of finishing of the education program
  5. have a substantial report license while applying for the PGWP



The PGWP isn’t offered to hopefuls who have considered in Canada for over eight months however have done as such irregularly. Applicants who have taken the semester off during their course are additionally not qualified to work after completing study in Canada. Moreover, applicants who as of now have a work grant related to some other program of study are likewise ineligible.

  1. Term of Post Graduate Work Permit in Canada
  2. Term of Study in Canada
  3. Term of the work license
  4. Under eight months
  5. No work permit will be issued
  6. Under two years yet over eight months
  7. The working grant will be issued for a span not surpassing the absolute length of study
  8. Two years or more
  9. The work license will be issued for a limit of three years in term
  10. Application for Post Graduate Work Permit in Canada



Applications for the Post Graduation Work Permit Program can be made both on the web and offline. Applications are to be made with a non-refundable application expense of CA$ 255 for the PGWPP. The method of utilization likewise decides the handling time of the grant to work after completing a study in Canada. The online application handling time is roughly 56 days while the offline or paper-based applications take upwards of 104 days to be prepared.



How to shift from study to job?


With Off-campus work permit: Candidates are not required to submit the off-campus grant so as to apply for the Post Graduate Work Permit Program and can occupy full-time or low maintenance business gave that the applicant holds a legal Canadian study visa.


Without an off-campus work license: If hopefuls intend to take more chances to work after completing their study in Canada and try to work off-campus yet don’t have a work grant, the applicant is required to apply for the equivalent before the termination of his or her study visa. When the applicant gets the PGWP, the individual in question may take up any sort of work in Canada.


What are the important things to consider to study in Canada? : To acquire a three-year PGWP, the applicant is required to seek after at least a two-year course. For course length under two years, hopefuls will be offered a PGWP of the duration of the course. On the off chance that the applicant has finished a one-year degree or certificate from an authorized institute inside two years of finishing another course, s/he might be qualified for a three-year work license.  On the off chance that an applicant qualifies every other measure aside from full-time consider in the last session of the course, s/he might be qualified for the PGWP.



Study visa aspirants are ineligible for PGWP on the off chance that they have:

  1. Gotten subsidizing from Global Affairs Canada (GAC)
  2. Taken an interest in the Government of Canada Awards Program financed by GAC
  3. Gotten the Equal Opportunity Scholarship
  4. Taken an interest in the Canada-China Scholars’ Exchange Program
  5. Taken an interest in the Organization of American States Fellowships Program
  6. Taken an interest in and finished a separation learning the program, either abroad or study in Canada
  7. Finished a program of study by a non-Canadian organization situated in Canada, paying little mind to their length of staying to study in Canada



This PGWPP is the base of the immigration system in Canada which allows overseas students who study in Canada and completed their graduation from academic institutes in Canada to get permission to work in this nation for a maximum of three years after studies. This post-graduation work permit also facilitates graduates to get permanent residency in Canada after a fixed interval of time. The Canadian government simplified the Canada visa application process in order to get a post-graduation work permit which gives students who study in Canada an idea about the exact time and process that they can apply for a post-graduation work permit.



Here we are mentioning some changes, which are very important for post-graduation work permit program:

  • Students who study in Canada do not require any valid student visa to apply for a post-graduation work permit.
  • The deadline to apply Post-graduation work permit program has been extended. Now you can take up to 180 days instead of 90 days.



With this, students who study in Canada get some more time to submit their application for a post-graduation work permit after getting their notice of completion of graduation from their academic institute, college or university in Canada. This change in the post-graduation work permit program is welcomed by almost every student who are pursuing their studies in Canada or is planning to move to Canada for higher studies. This change is welcomed by their families, the college or university in which they study, and in the international job market as well. So, this is another reason why overseas students are choosing to study in Canada as a destination for higher studies. 



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