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Internship Benefits While Studying Abroad!!!

Internship Benefits While Studying Abroad!!!

It seems challenging for international students to do an internship while studying abroad but it is really worth it. Some international students believe that if they will be doing an internship with their studies in abroad then they will not be able to enjoy their social life. But if the international students go for right internship, they can enjoy and have fun while doing both the things. The question will arise in the mind of students how to start with an internship? Here are few suggestions how students can do internship while studying abroad.



Search for an Internship:



The international students should work on their updated resume and a profile on LinkedIn which will have their work and study experience included in that. They should let their international and local friends know about their search and requirement for an internship. Their friends will be able to help the students to find the right one. The international students can also ask for an advice by joining their college or university’s career center or they can search for internship options on LinkedIn as well. If the students have any mentor, they can ask them for the assistance. They can also ask their batch mates or the students who have previously studied in their college or university and now working somewhere. They should have also done internships and students can apply to those companies and organizations for an internship.



Another thing students can do is they can prepare the list of international companies or organizations in their study abroad city and start calling them for an internship. They can send the emails to their HR department inquiring about internships. The international students can limit their search to international companies and organizations only if they are not aware about and aren’t fluent speaker of local language of their study abroad country. It will help them doing so.



The students can also ask their professors about the ideas where they can apply for an internship which can be helpful to them. The students should maintain good relationship with their professor for that.The students should take care of the placement services as well where they will be required to pay some money to do internship at companies in abroad. It will be better if international students find out the internships on their own rather than taking an unpaid internship.



Apply and Give Interviews:



The international students should search for any typical formatting of a resume in the study abroad country. There can be different format from country to country. Like some countries, students will need to put their professional photo on a resume and in other countries it will be fine without photo. Similarly in some countries, the resumes need to have all the detailed information about the studies and work of the international students with points and in some countries only brief about the studies and work will work.



The students need to send their CV with a very good cover letter, it can be motivational letter also. They need to work on preparing a cover letter in which they will include a brief about the reason why students want to do an internship and why they have chosen the particular company or organization. What the students are expecting in terms of learning and what they will bring to the company or organization. How their study experience is related to their internship in a particular company or organization. Sometimes the international students will also be asked to provide the recommendation letters.



The students should send all their documents and generally will receive the replies from companies or organizations they have applied to within a weeks’ time. If they seem to be a good candidate, they will be invited for an interview round by company or organization. It is very important that students perform well in the interview whether it is in personal, telephonic interview or Skype interview. They need to be honest with their answers and they should show some confidence while giving the interview. They can research about the interview styles of their study abroad country before they give the real interview to any company or organization. Each and every country will have their own styles of interview so the students need to follow that and prepare themselves according to that.



Work on Savings and Income:



It happens that many organizations and companies will provide unpaid internships to international students while studying abroad and it will become very difficult and challenging for them as they will not be able to afford their day-to-day expenses without any income. If the students face this kind of problem and it is necessary for them to do an internship. They can try other ways to do savings and meet their daily expenses like part time jobs and summer jobs.



It will be a great learning and practical experience for international students to do an internship in a new foreign country and completely different culture. It will provide an unforgettable experience to them. Doing internship in abroad will help international students to build their professional network and meet different people from different countries and background. The most important aspect is that students will be able to come to know how it will be working in their field of study. They can decide whether they want to go ahead with the particular field or not.



Learning with Responsibility:



The interns in the companies or organizations are not supposed take that much stress related to work while studying abroad but it is very important that the students as interns should take the responsibility of the work given to them even if they are given simple tasks. The should not be just enjoying taking and gossiping with other employees. They should have some seriousness to learn the things. So they should take care that they focus on their work and spend more time in the work without taking extra breaks which are not required. They should help the company or organization as much as they can.



If the students will show the seriousness as interns, they can also be given full time jobs in the same company or organization once they complete their internship with them. You can make some good references as well to get the good jobs in future. It can help in many ways to international students doing an internship while studying abroad.



Enjoy the Internship Time:



The life of international students should not be about work only while doing internship in study abroad. They should have some fun and enjoy doing the internships with the foreign companies and organizations. The students should make friends while working, plan the trips and get together also. It will allow them to know the people better at their workplace while doing internships.



So it gives an amazing international experience to students while doing internships when they are studying abroad. For more information on internships while studying abroad and other study abroad queries and updates, visit V Future Step website which gives a great opportunity to students to explore popular foreign countries to study abroad, programs, institutions, services and study abroad consultants as well to help them in all the process starting from selecting a country to pre departure of students.




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