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Job Opportunities for International Students in Canada!

Jobs in Canada

Around 4.5 lacs job vacancies were reported by the Canadian businesses in 2017 which was 15.1% higher compared to 2016. It shows that job opportunities for international students who study in Canada are increasing each year with a very rapid growth. If the international students study in Canada in popular fields like Engineering, Information technology, Arts and Science and Maths then they have higher chances to get a well paid job and high paying return. 



Here are some important points to consider while discussing about Job Opportunities for International Students in Canada:



If we compare the figures to the last year, the job opportunities for international students who study in Canada have now increased in all the nine provinces in Canada. Quebec and British Columbia are being the leaders. Also the number of job vacancies in Alberta increased by 21% in the middle of the year whereas Newfoundland and Labrador were reported with 500 vacancies for international students. It has numerous job opportunities for international students who study in Canada as it is currently an employer’s market looking at the overall Canadian economy.



How Do the International Students Get Jobs in Canada?



A large number of employment options and job opportunities are never advertised in newspapers/magazines or on the Internet in Canada. So, how the international students who study in Canada can search for rewarding jobs and great employment options? Here are a few ways for finding great jobs in popular organizations.



Websites of Companies or Organizations: The international students who study in Canada can check out the websites of some organizations or companies for better career opportunities apart from just writing their CV and cover letter. They can also start preparing for the interviews,



Referrals: The survey conducted by GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) regarding the international students recruitment shows that 76% of organizations or employers consider the employee referrals as their recruitment strategy.  



Social Media platforms: The international students who study in Canada can use their social media platform to connect with employers and organizations. LinkedIn is a very important and fast-growing social media platform for international students who study in Canada. Some of the employers and recruiters use this tool every day to connect with employees. The international students who study in Canada can set up their resume online and network there. 



What are the chances of international students getting a job in Canada?



The number of international students who study in Canada is increasing at all levels of education, be it undergraduate or postgraduate. It is very important for foreign students who study in Canada to know about the potential opportunities while studying there. For international students who study in Canada, gaining experience of at least 1 year will be very helpful. They can get integrated into the Canadian job market after they get experience in Canada.



Some of the international students who study in Canada do face the challenges even after three years of their graduation in Canada for finding the jobs they want. It is really important for international students who study in Canada to understand that colleges and universities can not provide or promise them jobs. The students need to work very hard while studying in Canada in the right direction to find a suitable job for themselves.



Jobs in Canada after secondary school for international students:



There are many chances that the international students who study in Canada may not find a job in their relevant field of study. But it might happen that they benefit from a well-paid opportunity in Canada. Some of the most promising jobs for international students who study in Canada are given below:



Bookkeeper: 24-25 CAD/hour

Human resources assistant: 10-12 CAD/hour

Lifeguard: 11-12 CAD/hour

Aquarium interpreter: 12-13 CAD/hour

Office assistant: 13-15 CAD/hour

Educational interpreter: 10-12 CAD/hour

Customer service assistant: 11 CAD/hour

Sales assistant: 10 CAD/hour

Cook: 12 CAD/hour



Jobs for international students in Canada in Summer:



Programme facilitator: 13 CAD/hour

Painter: 11 CAD/hour

Entertainment activities coordinator: 14 CAD/hour

Festival coordinator: 10-11 CAD/hour

Reading program leader: 14-15 CAD/hour

Camp counsellor: 12-13 CAD/hour

Baker: 20-22 CAD/month

Recreation facilitator: 15-17 CAD/hour



Jobs in Canada for international graduates:



A lot of international students who study in Canada are likely to stay after they complete their graduation and get permanent resident status. Also, many of them who are studying in the USA will also be looking forward to work in Canada as a very good option. The international students who study in Canada must have their job offer letter from a Canadian company to work in Canada. It will be very important for international students to first identify which industries will provide them the jobs. 



Here are some job options and news in Canada for international students who graduate from Canada:



The government of Canada will allow an additional 500 international students who want to study in Canada to settle in Atlantic Canada through a pilot program. This pilot program will allow organizations and companies to fill their labor needs in the public administration industry. It will be done by offering jobs to international students and newcomers who study in Canada.



Here are some top industries for international students to work in Canada. The students who study in Canada consider these fields as highest paying jobs after they graduate from Canada:



Information Technology


Architecture and Engineering

Hospitality and Tourism



Off campus job opportunities for international students in Canada:



Apart from the above job opportunities, international students who study in canada and graduate with their degree can also work off-campus. They are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week if they are working during regular school sessions.If there are vacations then they can work up to 40 hours as well.



International students who study in Canada need to have a valid work permit, or the things given below:



  • A valid Canadian student visa
  • They should be a full-time student studying at DLI (designated learning institution) 
  • Enrolled in a post-secondary academic, vocational or professional training program. Or
  • Secondary-level vocational training program (offered in Quebec only)
  • Must have started studying


  • A valid study permit stating that you are permitted to work on or off campus.
  • The students should be in a program that will provide them a degree, diploma or certificate and that should not be less than 6 months
  • The students should have their Social Insurance Number (SIN)



If the students are no longer full-time students, they can still work off campus if they meet both of the below requirements:



  • The students have been full-time students since they started their program in Canada
  • They are studying for part time only now because it is their last semester, and they don’t need a full course load to complete their program



Jobs after post-graduation in Canada for international students:



As everyone knows, Canada is emerging rapidly as an upcoming foreign destination for many international students, especially Indian students. Many colleges, universities and counselors have witnessed a rapid growth in the number of international students going and studying in Canada over the past few years. The reason is that diploma and post degree diploma programs from Canadian institutions are globally treated and recognized. Some of the well paid jobs in demand in Canada for international students after their graduation are as follows:  



Policy Analyst-$57,000-$65,000 per annum

Research Data Centre Analyst- $80,000-$95,000 per annum

University Lecturer-$80,000-$110,000 per annum

Product Development Research Scientist-$70.00-$78.00 an hour

Junior Staff Scientist-$53,000-$64,000 per annum

Senior Manager, Analytics and Reporting-$130,000-$190,000 per annum



What are the challenges faced by international students while searching for a job once they graduate in Canada:



Canadian Job Marketplace:



The international students who study in Canada should understand the Canadian marketplace so that they come to know where to search for jobs which are suitable for them. The students should then learn to market themselves in Canadian job marketplace for the organizations and employers. The students will be doing exceptionally good at the workplace if they are having good knowledge about the market they are catering to.  



Preparation for Success:



Planning will help new international students and immigrants who study in Canada to find the best job opportunities in their relevant industry. If it takes a long time for international students to find such relevant jobs in Canada, then the students are less likely to work in their field or profession. The international students who study in Canada must plan their career in such a way that once they complete their studies in Canada, they will have a lot of things sorted out regarding their job opportunities in the Canadian market.



How to overcome these challenges?



Resume Planning:



Some of the international students might not be able to present themselves qualified for the job in Canadian market to the organizations or the employer. They should know how to prepare their resumes which present themselves in a better way to employers. They must be having the knowledge about good behavior in their interviews and which language they are supposed to use to describe themselves properly. It will help international students who study in Canada to plan their resumes to create a good impact.



Select the right options:



It will not make any sense for international students to apply for jobs in some irrelevant companies. It will not happen that applying everywhere would land the students to their dream job. It is not recommended that international students apply to multiple companies with the same CV and a cover. It will not bring any positive result. The students should research about some job opportunities in the market and can do callings, make professional network and practice some informative interviews. These are some effective ways international students can try apart from working on a good resume.    



Show enthusiasm:



The students should always follow up with the companies where they have applied for the job. They can also thank the companies about their interview once it is over by sending an e-mail. It will make them different from other candidates who have applied for the same jobs in Canada. And that will also show your seriousness and interest to employers for getting hired by them.



In the past few years, the number of international students who study in Canada have been increasing at all the levels like undergraduate and postgraduate. So all the international students who are planning to study in Canada should know that there will be potential study and job opportunities in Canada for them. It will lead them to quality employment and PR status as well in Canada after they complete their degree in graduation or post-graduation programs. The international students will need to choose their study abroad program wisely as it is the first step towards getting the job of their interest or dream job in Canada. So it is very important for international students to plan properly and being sincere about which study abroad program is suitable for them to study in Canada which can meet their career goals. They also need to develop some interpersonal and communication skills while they study in Canada. Then it is very important for them to analyze the market value of the particular course they study in Canada. They need to see if there are enough jobs available in the Canadian market in their desired field or industry for them.



So these are the important points which international students need to consider while studying and finding great job opportunities in Canada. To know more about job opportunities in Canada or to study in Canada, APPLY NOW with V Future Step. We are a study abroad recommendation platform where we connect the students with best study abroad consultants for Canada in their city. Students will be able to browse all the study abroad solutions like popular country, popular institutions and programs to study in foreign countries. Don’t miss the opportunity and contact us now!



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