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Life of International Students in UK

Life of International Students in UK

It will be a huge excitement for the international students to stay and study in UK– one of the most popular foreign destinations now-a-days. The students will have fun enjoying their adult life in UK while studying and meeting different students and people surrounding them. Apart from the excellent education system of United Kingdom institutions, the country has got a lot of things to offer to international students.



International Students in New Culture of UK:



The international students can experience a completely new culture, interesting sports and outdoor activities and an amazing nightlife while studying in UK. In fact the most exciting thing is that all these services and facilities are available to international students at their doorstep only so they don’t have rush for day-to-day requirements and fun. The United Kingdom is a country having a mixture of various cultures and people from different countries with shared interests and thoughts.



The international students are going to have some exciting experiences. They can also explore numerous opportunities by visiting new places and meeting new people with different background and from different countries. It will be very easy for international students to settle down in a very short span of time in the United Kingdom and adjust everywhere as the people of UK are very friendly and supportive towards visitors and international students. It happens that sometimes it becomes challenging for international students to deal with the new culture but they will be able to manage somehow.



Suggestions for International Students While Studying in UK:



Here are few suggestions for international students to adjust in the country and how to live their study life and social life while studying abroad in United Kingdom.



The country has got a rich culture with great endeavors and a long history. It has everything to offer to international students whatever they ask for. Starting from arts, theaters, literature to fine arts aspects. The students will find everything they are interested in. The international students will be able to find out everything quickly with just one click on the internet. It will also help them if they visit the information centres which are available for tourists in their college or university town only. They will get the support there for all their queries. Being an international student they can avail the benefits of taking the entries and discounts for fees.



Meeting New People from Different Countries:



The colleges or universities in UK cities are not that far from the main locations so international students will be able to find many places nearby only like restaurants, cafes, theaters, museums and art galleries. Initially each and every student will face the problems dealing with a new culture and people when they start studying in UK.



The most important thing is language, it might seem strange to international students while meeting new people from different countries. It will take some time for students to deal with these aspects and catch up everything. Some rules and regulations related to social life and academics can also be different from the home country of the international students.



Talking to Other International Students:



The international students should not fear of being alone. They can always talk and discuss with other students who have come to study in UK and can be from their home country or different countries. They are also in the same situation and trying to settle down as early as they can. You will make many friends during this period. The students can also use some of their stuff which they brought from their home country to have a personal touch and atmosphere in their room.



They can try talking to other students and batch mates in their classroom. It will boost their confidence and make new friends. It will be a good idea for international students while studying in UK to join some clubs and associations of students where they can socialize with them. The associations or clubs will include all the students from UK, their home country and other different countries around the world.



It will be very easy for international students while studying in UK to coordinate and communicate with them. The student can also contact the mentors or any advisor at their accommodation and residence place who will be able to guide them personally. Some of the mentors and advisors are trained sometimes for solving these kind of problems and they are also good listeners.



Popular Towns and Cities of UK:



The popular towns and cities in UK usually provide what is needed by international students and other visitors for the exciting nightlife. The students and people will be able to find many restaurants, bars, nightclubs, music venues and many other interesting places. Generally these places will be very costly but they will have some great prices within students’ budget. And if some students are not interested to have parties everyday and want to do something different then they can also have other options.



They can visit some comedy clubs in the town or they can go for music shows which will give them a chance to have a great night out with less money. They offer a lot of discounts and new deals for students which helps them to maintain their budget. The colleges and universities in UK also have many associations, administrative bodies and societies arranging different events regularly. The students can join these associations and events while studying in UK. It will give a great chance to international students to explore various opportunities and meet new people.



They will be able to improve their communication skills, language skills and interpersonal skills. It is the best time for them to learn and understand about the social and personal life in United Kingdom. A lot of information can be gathered by international students during these events and meetings which can help them further for their study abroad time in UK.



Great Sports Activities:



Studying in UK or the institutions in UK have some great sports to offer international students and they enjoy a lot during the same. Be it going for gyms or fitness centres and swimming pools, tracking and cycling and other interesting activities. The students who love sports are going to have a lot of fun during their study abroad time in UK at their college or university. The best thing international students can do to get the detailed idea about all these aspects and activities is to visit the information centre for visitors in their college or university. They will be able to get each and every detail in depth, regular information and local news and updates. They also help international students to plan and arrange their travels and tickets.



There are lots of options to get the entertainment for international students. They just need to keep themselves updated about the regular updates and information. The students will find all kind of music the United Kingdom. Whether they go in very small cafes or well structured bars and clubs, they can go for listening to any music and dance on their favorite music enjoying their night life.



Participating in Events and Shows:



There are many well known bands, groups and artists in the cities and towns who play and host their shows at colleges and universities. It depends on the international students whether they want to just listen or take part in these events and shows. They will find every kind of music like rock, pop, classical, electro, hip-hop, opera and other popular music all around the world in the UK. The international students still do have a lot of options apart from these music shows, clubs and events, they can visit historical museums and art galleries where they will find interesting work.



Then the students can also find some creative work like painting, photography and videography. These work have wide range of varieties available for students and visitors to see in the United Kingdom. The country is full of interesting places, beautiful cities and a lot of entertainment options so international students are going to have a lot of fun and enjoyment during their studies in UK. The international students will not feel bored in the weekends as there are many theaters and cinemas in every town and city of United Kingdom where students can go, watch movies, play games and enjoy with their friends or batch mates.



Communicating with UK People:



The international students will not face any problem in communicating with UK people and socializing with them. Generally there are some simple social rules which international students need to follow to have smooth conversations with them. It is always appreciated and expected to be a bit polite. The international students can use the words like “thank you” and “please” which are very much used while communicating with British people.



Usually they are very friendly but sometimes they can be reserved while talking to unknown people like any other country. There are some rules which need to be followed while dealing with the British people like you can not be late. It is considered rude if you are late than given time as they value their time a lot. In case the students are not able to reach on the given time, they can contact the person they have scheduled their appointment with and inform about the same. It will not be a good idea to make them wait.



Bonding With Classmates:



If the classmates or any friends from the college or university invite for a lunch or dinner, it will be a good idea for students to take a wine or some gifts like flowers, chocolates or any other small gift. If you are not able to take some gift then you can invite them for a lunch or dinner in return. Also if the students are having any specific requirements related to food or diet, they can let them know in advance.



The international students or any visitors are expected to maintain the decorum of a particular place they visit or are invited. If the students are visiting shops, banks, stations or events, they are expected to maintain the queue and stand in line. They should not be in hurry and breaking the queue rather wait for their turn.



Casual Life in UK:



It is very normal for the students to drink in UK. International students, especially Indian students will be very surprised to know that people in UK consume a huge amount of alcohol. So the students need not to feel forced or any pressure for the drinking. It depends on the individual’s choice. The students can drink as much as they are comfortable and can handle if they want otherwise it is also fine if they do not drink at all.



There are many pubs and clubs in UK where the international students will be invited. They can use this opportunity to socialize more with people and reach their goals rather than focusing on unnecessary things. There is no discrimination allowed in UK. All the people are considered equal and have equal rights in terms of everything. So there are many aspects which international students need to keep in consideration while studying in UK.



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