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Top 4 Online Hustles While You Study in UK


As a student who study in UK, whether national or international, you have plenty of opportunities to grow your career chances and your wallet. With the digital age come various remote and flexible work options online.


Whatever you’re studying, you certainly have so many more talents and interests and should not neglect these! In fact, working or gaining additional skills and experience during your degree will make you a more desirable candidate as a graduate as you can already demonstrate what you’re capable of. Employers are impressed with students who study in UK and are going the extra mile. Many employers want their future staff to “point to successes at work or elsewhere” and to be “happy to learn new things” according to a Forbes article  Now is the perfect time to utilize what the digital economy offers students who study in UK! But think carefully about your choices. Don’t just start taking paid online surveys or make a quick buck by doing paid market research online. Invest your time and talent in something that will bring a return along the way, possibly even beyond your student life.



How can you earn online on the side when you study in UK?



Depending on your talents and interests, I would suggest these 4 flexible online money makers you could potentially turn into an online business in the future:



  1. For creative students who study in UK: sell photos/graphics or use them on your Instagram/Pinterest


If you have the talent to capture fantastic moments and edit these as well then you should consider turning your hobby into a side earner when you study in UK. When you’re not studying you can focus on your photography and either sell your shots on platforms like Alamy, where selling via the site will get you 100% of the sale price as a student, Adobe Stock, where you get 33% of the sale price or Shutterstock, where you initially get about 18p per photo, but can potentially earn 20-30% of the sale price. If you’re into fashion, food or anything else to do with lifestyle, there’s a good chance that your photos can turn you into an influencer on social media such as Instagram when you study in UK. Gaining thousands of followers in your niche can lead to companies asking you to use their products on your social media channel – this is fun and profitable! PLUS: you can turn this into a full-time career in the future, once you’ve established your name/brand.



  1. For practical students who study in UK: create tutorials on YouTube or online courses and webinars


If you have a special skill like painting like Picasso or designing and creating your own clothes, then you should share this! YouTube has become a place for people to find answers to “how to” questions. If you’re able to capture and convey your knowledge and ability, people will ask for more. Whether it’s learning a language, doing your hair or make-up, if people value your tips and like to listen to and watch you, you’ll surely earn online by monetizing your YouTube channel (you receive a cut of the earnings from the adverts running alongside your videos). However, creating online courses can be a really rewarding option for the future as you can build as many as you have time for and grow them by adding guides, eBooks etc. Platforms like Udemy will offer you lots of guidance to set up your course and as they are one of the biggest online learning platforms, your courses will be seen by millions of visitors. The catch is that you’ll only receive 50% of the sale price, but you can set the price for your course from $9.99. The beauty is that its passive income and while you study in UK, you see the money dropping in your bank account. And you can establish yourself as an expert in your field online.



  1. For philosophical students who study in UK: become an author by self-publishing your own eBook


Have you had a script for a story in your head when you wanted to study in UK? Or maybe you have an incredible personal story to tell? Whatever the case, self-publishing via online platforms like Amazon Kindle has helped many newcomers in the literature scene, such as EL James, Fifty Shades of Grey author, to make a career. There are now many online tools available to help you design your books such as cover creators or Kindle Book/Comic creators. All you need is a compelling story to tell, some images/graphics and you can get started. No need to go through a publisher. For every book that sells, Amazon gives you up to 70% of the list price (excludes VAT). AND: writing books is only the beginning to a possible consultant or life coach career.



  1. For communicative students who study in UK: become a blogger and monetize your blogs


Do you like to share your thoughts/experiences/knowledge/skills when you study in UK? Then look no further – you’re the next best blogger! Initially, blogging will not generate much income, but once you’ve built up good quality content, including images and videos, and you’ve tried yourself at marketing it via social media or Google, you’ll reap in rewards with your traffic increasing. There are many ways of monetizing your blog such as affiliate schemes, paid ad networks, paid guest posting etc. But the best thing about blogging is that you can grow it into a business one day by either turning it into a consultancy or agency or by becoming an expert speaker/trainer/coach and so forth. Once you’re an established blogger, you can also earn online by writing for other online publications. The beauty of this online earner is that you can do this in your own time as a student and commissions roll in automatically. And you can turn it into a side or even main business at some point in the future. To learn more about how to get started with blogging as a student when you study in UK, check UK Education Blog.



As you can see there are many options to start a side hustle from the comfort of your own home when you study in UK – all you need is a computer or even a smartphone. The best thing about it is that you’re doing something you enjoy, that fulfills and nurtures you-you’re not just temporarily making money on the side. No, you’re creating something you’re proud of and you can build on. Even while traveling you can do these jobs!



If you’re looking for more scalable ways to make money online when you study in UK and the skills that are required, have a look here:



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Manuela Willbold is an enthusiastic web content writer, blogger and teacher. She manages the UK Education Blog amongst others and writes articles for various clients and ClickDo. She aims to provide valuable information about education and content writing through her blogs and online courses and does this while working as a full-time teacher.


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