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What Is the Cost to Study in UK for Indian Students?

Study in UK

It can be an expensive affair for students to study abroad who are planning to study in UK especially. Therefore, the international students should plan and manage their living expenses. The international students should ensure that they consider expenses for their accommodation, health insurance, travelling and food along with their tuition fees. They should also calculate other miscellaneous expenses when they calculate the estimated cost  to study in UK before they fly to study in UK.


Here are some important points to consider while calculating the cost to study in UK:


  1. Tuition fees are the main expenses to study in UK


The expenditure of your tuition fee to study in UK depends on the type of program you will study in UK or the university or college you will apply for. Many world renowned and high-ranking colleges and universities are there to study in UK which will have their fee structures. The tuition fee will also depend on the place or city you are choosing to study in UK.


Most of the courses with low tuition fees to study in UK are commonly arts and science, education and humanities. When the students study programs like  engineering are likely to be more expensive. If the students who want to study in UK wish to study at postgraduate level, the tuition fees will be higher and the costs to study in UK in these programs will vary. If we talk about other countries, the Masters of Business Administration programs will be very expensive.


The Average fee (in Euros*) to study in Undergraduate bachelor degree for international students will be around £6,000 to £9,000 per year. For Postgraduate Master’s degree, it will be approximately £10,000 to £16,000 per year. For Doctoral degree, it will be £13,000 to £29,000 per year.


  1. The students who study in UK should calculate the accommodation costs:


Most of the colleges and universities to study in UK offer on-campus residence to international students. It can be full-board or self-catered. Some campuses will also provide to international students the flats and self-catered shared houses. It will be a very affordable option for students who study in UK to leave as a resident on-campus. So the students need to apply for it separately in advance to secure the slot for themselves.


If the students are not able to find such accommodation, then they might have to look for rental rooms or home stay. They can also find a local host. The college or university’s accommodation office will definitely help international students in this case. They often have a list of accommodation options available nearby the college or university for students.


The students should make sure to focus on some important points like facilities, costs, deposits, inventory, bill payment, tenancy agreement, council tax, house rules and rent book.


  1. Costs of UK student visa


The international students who want to study in UK, the first step for them will be to secure a valid study visa. And they will need to pay for this student visa to study in UK which will be approx. £348. Students can find more information on visa application process and costs here.


  1. Living expenses to study in UK


The students who study in UK need to keep a little money for other activities as well like social activities, their grocery shopping and emergency situations. When living in a foreign country as a student to study in UK, it will be better for students to keep track of their expenses so that they do not over spend. Considering various expenses and living costs to study in UK, the average expenses per student to study in the UK will be around £5,500 to £8,000 per year.


The students who study in UK should also consider below common expenses:


Stationary and Books: It can get a little expensive for international students to purchase textbooks. The books for law, engineering, pharmacy and medicine can be pricey. The students can manage their budget by opting for second hand books or they can go for library membership as well.


Day to Day Personal Expenses: The day to day personal expenses will include clothing, dining out, laundry, toiletries etc. This will depend entirely on what kind of lifestyle the students choose for themselves.


Communication Expenses: As a student from India, you need to frequently call your friends and family in your home country. So you always keep some part of your budget for your phone bills and data expenses. You should always look for cost-effective calling plans and discounts given to students in order to stay connected with their loved ones within their monthly budget.


  1. Health Insurance and support for safety:


It is mandatory for all international students who study in UK to get a health insurance before they fly to study in UK or before their program starts. Many UK colleges and universities have initiated plans related to health insurance for international students. These plans are applicable as long their program is ongoing and it will be over when their program duration is completed.


Some schools or colleges may not offer any insurance policies for international students. In the case, international students who study in UK will need to arrange for a private medical insurance (consult our expert for further guidance here).  The cost for medical insurance of one student will be approximately £150 a year. If you want to know more about readily available health and support services for international students who study in UK then click here to connect with best study abroad consultants for UK who will guide you for the same.


  1. Cost of Transportation:


Unless the institutions where international students are studying provide with a shuttle service to students, the students should rely on the public transport.


When the students need to travel for short distances, they can travel in regional buses, trains and taxis. It will be a very good idea for students to get monthly passes to travel in public transportation. Getting passes will make travelling to college and back fairly cheap. The students need to make sure while taking a taxi that it runs on meter. And if it doesn’t run on meter, then they should agree on some fixed fare before getting into the taxi to avoid any kind of misunderstanding later on. In case the students are planning to use a personal vehicle, they will have to include car and fuel bills, insurance, repairs and taxes in their expense sheet.


For travelling from one city to another one, the students can avail other options like Railway, Flight or Long distance bus.


  1. Students need to consider taxes


Indian students who study in UK are allowed to work for 20 hours per week during their duration of program and they can work for full time during their vacations. If the students decide to work with their studies, their income till £11,500 is tax-free. So whatever the students earn over this amount will be taxable to them.


The students should remember that their budget may get affected by the exchange rate variations. We suggest that you should also look for a part time job while you are studying in UK. You can also avail scholarship options in the colleges and universities you are applying for. This will help you to minimize your cost to an extent for studying abroad.


Other Expenses While You Study in UK:


The other expenses of students depend on their lifestyle like the cost of entertainment, travel, books and necessities of students. It depends what kind of goals the student is having while studying abroad. Generally, the money required for yearly expenses will be around $16,000 to $20,000. It can be totally sufficient to ensure the safety of all the international students so that they get comfortable place to live and have some money to save in case of emergencies. 


Different Ways to Arrange the Funds:


Some colleges and universities do realize that it can be expensive to be a student. That is the reason why some colleges and universities make scholarships widely available to all the international students. Scholarships are available for all kind of programs whether it is undergraduate or graduate.


These scholarships are different from what international students get in USA and the entire cost of tuition fees are not covered. These scholarships amount range anywhere from $2,500 to $10,500 and it depends on the exchange rate when you study in UK.


Since tuition fees to study in UK are so much cheaper in the first place, that a small scholarship will also make a big difference for students.  Also the students will need an offer from a British university to apply for any scholarships. It is recommended to international students who need scholarship assistance to study in UK that they submit their university applications before January or February of the academic year they hope to attend. This will help colleges and universities in UK to review your application and let you know the decision before the deadlines for scholarship have passed.


Students Can Apply for Loans:


The students who want to study in UK can use the federal loans to help them pay for education when they study in UK. The students should plan to fill out the application as usual. They also need to keep in mind that they need to fund their first year of study abroad through loans, scholarships and personal finance before they fly to study in UK.


The students will have this funding so that they can secure their student visa to study in UK.  It should not panic you when you think about the student loans as you are not alone in this. Get the best guidance and perspective about this on our blog as well.


Job Opportunities:


It is one of the best opportunities for international students who study in UK. They can get some international work experience to show in their resume. The international students who study in UK can work for twenty hours per week. Normal hourly wage rate is around $10-$12. Each college and university will have a Careers Centre that can assist the international students in looking for part-time jobs.


In summary, we very well know that it is an important decision to invest financially in anything and it can’t be taken lightly. We really hope these points and facts will help you to make a positive and confident decision in your life.


Scholarships and Student Funding


The students who stay in UK are eligible for student loans, education loans and other forms of funding to study in UK and pay their tuition fees. The amounts of funding might differ depending on the location of students. Because the student loans for UK students cover all tuition fees, it might happen that the additional loan which is required to meet the costs of living in the UK will not suffice the amount actually needed.


Undergraduate UK students at private colleges and universities can still apply for tuition fee loans for most of the programs to study in UK. They can also apply for maintenance loans and grants. It might happen that the tuition fee loan might not cover the full amount required.


Various scholarships to study in UK are offered by the UK government to students. Apart from the government, individual colleges or universities, some independent organizations and various charitable trusts also help students to study in UK. The students can visit our website which provides an overview of scholarships to study in UK and connect them with the best study abroad consultants for UK.. It will also be worth checking to see what kind of scholarships and support schemes are provided to international students.


The study abroad consultants for UK will help indian students to explore various options and finalize the best available option for them. V Future Step is a platform where we connect students and agents to meet their requirements so that they have the best solution to study abroad. APPLY NOW for a free consultation and start your study abroad analysis test!!


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