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Why Choose to Study in Canada for Higher Studies?

Study in Canada

It is among the top foreign destinations for international students to study in Canada who are planning to study abroad. Most of the international students prefer Canada now-a-days for their higher education because of many reasons. The recognition which Canada has received by the United Nations that it is the best place ever to live was based on the country’s achievements in terms of many aspects like excellent education standards, lifestyle of students, national income of the country and quality of life over there. 



The education system of Canada and the Canadian colleges and universities are ranked at the top positions compared to any other foreign countries in the world. Moreover the tuition fees to study in Canada for international students are very low compared to other countries like USA, UK, Ireland and Australia.



So, Here are some of the reasons why students choose to study in Canada for higher studies.



Financial Assistance and Education System to Study in Canada:



Canada is one of the best foreign countries to pursue your higher education and the country also attracts thousands of international students each year from various countries all over the world. Canada provides the world class education system which is recognized worldwide. A degree from a Canadian college or university will be having a great value and it is also considered equivalent to US, UK, Australia and other foreign Countries. The Canadian Government and institutions as well provide various benefits especially for the international students so that they can pursue their studies successfully in Canada. 



The high standardized academics and quality of Canadian education help the international students to come out of their comfort zone and the universities as well with flying colors. International students will be able to gain valuable education at a very low cost compared to any other foreign countries across the world. Not only the tuition fees but also the scholarship options which are available to students will reduce the expenses and students can  get the best education at minimal fees. Even though the number of Canadian institutions are less compared to the US, the education standard of most of the colleges and universities is much better than any colleges or universities of US and Europe.



International Student Lifestyle: 



Apart from Canadian Education there are numerous events happening around the college or university. Every Canadian college or university will have its own events and parties which will  involve international students so that the students concentrate not only on studies but also cultural events. It will really help the international students who study in Canada to get in touch with multicultural people in the college or university. These events will remove all their stress and give a physical workout also to their body. 



There are a number of extracurricular activities provided by Canadian colleges and universities where the students can stand out from the normal crowd with their talents. Most of the Canadian colleges and universities provide students the access of free Wifi, magazines or newspapers and many more things. International Students who study in Canada will definitely enjoy the different kind of lifestyle and fun way of learning new things as they pursue higher studies in Canada.



Work Opportunities While You Study in Canada:


During the studies international students are allowed to do part time jobs on campus and off campus as well. They will not need any work permit to work on campus and students are allowed to work for 20 hours per week. There are many part time jobs available for students off campus like jobs in some restaurants, hostels or as a general labor etc. After the students who study in Canada graduate, there will be many work opportunities available for them. Students who study in Canada and pass out with some great knowledge and communication skills will get placed easily in top reputed companies for their dream job. Job opportunities will be very strong for international students who study in Canada.



Research Opportunities to Study in Canada:


Research is one of the most important components of graduate students who study in Canada. The colleges and universities support students who do the research and come up with best ideas. Many scholarships are given to students who study in Canada for their research works. Students can do research in any field of their interest with the support of teachers in the college or university to study in Canada. If the Industries and government as well will find the idea of research is good, they come forward to accept the cost of the research for students who study in Canada. Higher education in Canada opens up many options for researchers and scholars.



Beautiful Cities and Environment to Study in Canada:


International students can enjoy the beauty of Canada while studying. It attracts a large number of tourists every year who visit the beautiful cities and places and enjoy the beauty of nature in Canada. International students enjoy exploring new places and nature. In fact, the students love the neat and clean environment of Canada which adds more beauty to the places. Students who study in Canada for their higher education can take time off to visit various beautiful places in Canada.



Weather in Canada:


A warm summer is experienced in Canada and winter will be very cold each year. The temperature will go up to 30°C during summers. Students coming from hot countries to study in Canada like India will feel very warm in summer. But during the winter the temperature of Canada will be around  -20°C. Most people stay indoors during the winter time in Canada because of snowfall. International students who study in Canada will find it difficult sometimes during the winters because of extreme cold. There will be a chilly breeze flowing around the country during spring. So the students who study in Canada will experience best seasons.



Cultural Values:


Thousands of international students and immigrants are invited by Canada every year from all over the globe. It has become a home for international students who come to study in Canada. Students will forget the fact that they are away from their home country. Old students who are already studying in Canada are very helpful for the new immigrants arriving to study in Canada. People in Canada respect each other with a smile whether you know them or not. It ensures that all the students’ customs and traditions are respected.



Multi Language Society:


English and French are considered the official languages in Canada. It has become a multilingual country after number of international students arrived to study in Canada. International students are surrounded by a number of people speaking in different languages and it is a great exposure for the students to learn new foreign languages while they study in Canada. There won’t be any problems to students even though it is mixed society.



Care and Safety While You Study in Canada:



It has been considered peaceful, safe, affordable and very stable country to study in Canada for international students. It has laws and regulations that will protect the rights of every citizen of the country and Canada is also relatively not affected by natural disasters. One of the most important reasons for international students to consider while they decide to study in Canada is a safety in the country.



The Government of Canada and Colleges or Universities to study in Canada play very important role for the safety of international students. Be it healthcare or security, all the necessary actions are taken to keep the students’ safety. International students who study in Canada enjoy all kinds of freedom and Canadian government makes sure that the protection is there with respect to human rights and equality which will help the society to stay peaceful. Medical insurance is not that expensive for international students and they can get it done in almost every hospital in Canada. Canada has been considered as one of the best places to live by the United Nations for the past many years.


Immigration and Work Permit Rules:


The work permit will be provided to international students who study in Canada with their study visa. After the students who study in Canada graduate from college or university, they can work there for two years. Once they complete their work permit then students can apply to become a permanent resident of Canada. CIC has made it very easy to get a Canada student visa and help the students during their stay in Canada for their higher education. During their studies, they are allowed to work for 20 hours per week to meet the requirements and expenses for their living. Even inside the colleges and universities there will be many part time opportunities available for international students who study in Canada which will be very much useful for the students.



The Canadian people may be reserved with new immigrants and students who study in Canada but they are very welcoming at the same time. They support and respect international students and immigrants. Many new international students who choose to study in Canada from different countries are encouraged by the Canadian colleges and universities. Many of them are also having the targets to increase their numbers of international students to study in Canada in their college or university. That could be the main reason why the immigration rules and regulations for international students  are changed by Canadian Government.



A Key to Success:



It will be an open door for international students to success who study in Canada. They will have amazing experiences of life while they study in Canada. They get a lot of practical exposure, career options in various fields of their interest, they develop themselves professionally and personally also. Canada has a lot of things and values to offer to international students who study in Canada. Without any doubt the international students who study in Canada and graduate from the Canadian colleges or institutions will have numerous work and career opportunities to begin their professional life in multiple fields.



It is considered a multicultural country to study in Canada as it is a home to a large number of people from various countries across the globe and different backgrounds. It has almost welcomed more than fifteen million international students and immigrants in the past decade. Every year around two lacs international students or immigrants go to study in Canada and it will continue to allow the newcomers every year. The multicultural environment of Canada attract more and more international students and tourists to visit, study in Canada and stay there for work and job opportunities. The country makes sure that the beliefs, values and traditions of people are treated environment and equally.



So these are some interesting reasons why international students should choose Canada for their higher studies. It will be a great opportunity for international students to study and work in a country like Canada which welcomes international students with open arms. They can have numerous work and study opportunities while they study in Canada. It is a golden chance for international students to study in Canada if they are planning to study abroad and finding good options for them.



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