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Top 5 Countries to Study Abroad for Students!

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The most difficult part for students in the process of studying abroad is deciding which country they should study in. It is a very important decision for each and every student who are willing to start their career in a new country. There are some popular foreign destinations like Canada, USA, UK, Ireland and Australia which provide international students a lot of opportunities for their higher studies and employment.



There should be definitely something special about these top 5 countries that students are more and more interested to apply for these countries only when they think about studying abroad. There are excellent job opportunities available to students, a high quality of lifestyle and worldwide recognized education standards which can not be found in any of the other countries around the world.



  1. USA:



The main reason that students are interested to study in United State of America is that American colleges and universities provide the best quality of education. There are world’s top ranked institutions in USA which is a dream of almost every student to study in. There are numerous international students studying in USA colleges and universities and they are having the highest student satisfaction ratio because of their excellent services to students compared to other countries.






There are also many scholarship options available to International students who are planning to study in the United States of America. They can apply for these scholarships and they will be treated on the basis of their needs and merits as well. That is the best part which is taken care by the institutions in USA.






Your qualification will be recognized all around the world wherever you go. The potential employers get impressed by your degree from USA or just a part of your studies from there. The country definitely produces the talented skilled professionals who can be very helpful to big companies and organizations which are looking for a brilliant workforce for the growth of their companies. The mindset of the people will be completely different while looking at you as a student graduated from USA college or university.



Popular Programs to Study in USA:



There are many programs which are very popular to study and give a lot of opportunities for jobs in United States of America like Information Technology, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Master of Business Administration and Journalism.



Popular Institutions to Study in USA:



The popular and well known universities for students in USA are as follows:



Stanford University

Harvard University

California Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Princeton University



Employment Opportunities:



So 30% of the top universities in the world are located in the USA. And the reason that all the students who pass out from USA institutions have a great career is that they are not just taught the major subjects like mentioned above but they do focus on the various other subjects like liberal arts, communication, maths, psychology, arts and sciences.



The education system of USA makes students more smarter, practical and proactive. They are able to foresee the important aspects in their life and become more successful, organised and thoughtful towards their career and work. There will be endless opportunities for the students like they can become a manager in the reputed organizations or they can start their own business once they complete their graduation or studies from USA institutions.






All the students will be considered equally and there will be a diversity in the classes of US universities like students from all the communities, countries and religions will be there and they will be given the equal respect and importance. This provides a very good culture to students and a great learning in their life and they become a good human beings.



Almost each and every student will have the attention of lecturers of professors as the class room sizes will be very small and the quality education can be given to each and every student studying in the institutions.



The International students will be allowed to work up to 20 hours a week on campus. The best time of the students are spent in their internships actually which gives them a lot of exposure.The practical and real job experiences which the students get are very helpful to them for their career.



  1. Canada:



Most of the international students who are studying in Canada are from India! The Government of Canada keeps on introducing and changing the rules and regulations related to immigration and study visa for international students. And that is really helpful to international students, especially Indian students.



Multicultural Country:



Canada being a multicultural country welcomes all international students and the students will be surrounded by different type of people from different countries, places, communities and cultures which is amazing.



High Employment Rate:



Canada has a high employment ratio for international students as compared to any other country in the world. And the settlement and PR options are made easy by the Canadian government for international students.



Popular Institutions to Study in Canada:



There are some top institutions in Canada which are recognized worldwide.



McGill University

University of Alberta

University of Toronto

University of Regina

University of British Columbia



Popular Programs to Study in Canada:



The popular programs to study in Canada are as follows:



Master of Business Administration

Environmental Science

Social Service Worker

Petroleum Engineering

Arts and Sciences



  1. UK:



The United Kingdom is a beautiful and most preferred foreign destination by international students and it continues to hold its number one position and there is no doubt about it. It has numerous famous cities, landmarks and beautiful environment for international students to study and live in.



High Quality Education:



The international students are provided a high quality of education and that is the reason that more and more students are willing to study in UK. The teaching and research methods which are used by UK institutions are amazing and it gives a lot of practical experience to students. Some of the UK colleges and universities are also having the tie ups with the multinational organizations as well. So there are a lot of opportunities available for students who graduate from UK colleges and universities.



Excellent Education System:



There are also some programs which are designed by the institutions keeping the requirements of some popular industries in the mind so that students can have the advanced knowledge and experience while studying before they start their career in the relevant fields.



Popular Programs to Study in UK:



The popular programs for international students in UK are as follows:




Business Studies

Arts and Design

Computer Science

Electrical Engineering



Popular Institutions to Study in UK:



Some of the popular institutions to study in UK for international students:



Oxford University

University College London

University of Buckingham

Kingston University

University of Manchester



  1. Ireland:



The Ireland country attracts a large number of international students because of their multicultural environment, friendliest people and excellent education system.



Rich Culture and Traditions:



There are many discoverable cities and places in Ireland which international students would love to visit and will have a great time studying and living in the country. Ireland having a very rich culture and traditions, the students will be able to learn a lot of new things and will meet different people.



International Students:



The education structure of Ireland is designed mainly with 3 levels. And it has got world’s best institutions to provide a quality of education to international students.


The international students enrollment has been increasing year by year in Ireland as they are introducing a lot of new programs and rules for the international students to study and live in Ireland. It is one of the most safest country in the world for students and the students are also allowed to work easily with their studies and after completing their studies as well.



Popular Institutions to Study in Ireland:



Some of the popular institutions in Ireland are as follows:



National University of Ireland

University College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin

University College Cork

Dublin City University



Popular Programs to Study in Ireland:



Information Technology

Computer Science


Arts and Sciences


Environmental Studies



  1. Australia:



Australia is considered as one of the most popular foreign destinations to study abroad preferred by international students. It has a leading education system and some of the best educators and facilities are provided to international students so that they can study, live in the country and make a brighter career.



Beautiful Country:



There are some beautiful cities in Australia like Sydney, Melbourne- it is amazing to explore the different places in the country and have a quality of life which allows students to manage and balance their personal and professional life both. One of the main reasons that many international students are willing to study in Australia is that the visa application and financial rules, regulations and processes are made very easier and simpler for them.



Study and Work Options:



The international students definitely have a lot of opportunities during their studies and after graduation as well in Australia. They can get the post study work visa and that can be the great advantage for international students.



Popular Programs to Study in Australia:



Some of the most popular programs which international students would like to study in Australia are as follows:







Computer Science

Environmental Science



Popular Institutions to Study in Australia:



The top ranked universities in the world are from Australia:



Australian National University

University of Western Australia

University of Melbourne

University of Sydney

University of Queensland

University of New South Wales

Monash University




So these are the top 5 countries which are mostly preferred by international students to study abroad. These countries’ education systems are recognized worldwide and it gives a lot of study options and employment opportunities to international students. Students can explore various places, meet new people with different culture and learn a lot of new things which can make their career very successful and brighter.



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