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Top 11 Fun and Well Paid Jobs in Canada

Top 11 Fun and Well Paid Jobs in Canada



The students mostly convince themselves that they are destined for a kind of career which just pay their bills but it is boring. Now it is a time to come out of that belief and simply enjoy what you do and live your life freely with your work. The students and the people who are working need some relaxation and fun part in the jobs. So that everybody can enjoy their personal life and work life both. The students can find a lot of jobs in Canada which can actually balance their personal and professional life and can make that fun element alive.



There are so many opportunities for international students once they complete their studies in Canada. They just need to explore and identify the options which make them happy. Everybody has a different definition of fun while working. Some might like more break between the work, someone will like painting, dancing or any other activities. It all depends on the personal choices and thoughts. Keeping all these aspects in mind, we have prepared the list of fun jobs which can be very joyful and will pay very well to students once they complete their study in Canada and start their career. The most fun jobs are as follows:



  1.   Gym Trainer
  2.   Video Gaming:
  3.   Travel and Tourism Worker
  4.   Photography:
  5.   Pilot
  6.   Event Manager:
  7.   Hair Stylist
  8.   Software Developer
  9.   Interior Decorator
  10.   Chef
  11.   Tourist Guide



  1. Gym Trainer:



The international students love anything to do with nutrition and to keep fit in a completely different country. And now-a-days the people also get very excited by reading some latest updates on the effective and useful exercises and techniques for maintaining their body. They also share this kind of information with their friends, colleagues and family members as well.



Because of this trend, students will have a lot of opportunities in this field. who would not like to be paid for sharing such knowledge if they are trained in the same field? The Canadian and international students as well get the amazing workplace where they can show their passion and help other people also to feel better and show some improvement on their health. And normally the wage rate for gym trainers would be maximum around CAD 27 and higher per hour and minimum around CAD 15 per hour.



  1. Video Gaming:



Video gaming is almost every student’s interest. And for the students who love video games the most, it would definitely make sense for them to turn their interest into a career which will be well paid and fun at the same time. They can place themselves at front or at the center in the designing team which is going to create the new level of game to be launched in the market. It will be a lot of fun for students and graduates who have just started their career in video gaming. The work will also be very interesting. It takes almost 2 years for a designing team to develop a design of the game to the final product in the market. Normally the wage rate for developing video game would be maximum around CAD 44 and higher per hour and minimum around CAD 25 per hour.



  1. Travel and Tourism Worker:



Canada is a beautiful and most popular destinations for tourists. It has some amazing cities which people from different different countries are willing to explore. And it will be the best opportunity for people who want to be the travel and tourism professionals and want to engage in fun work.



There are many job options available with hotels, restaurants, retail shops, mountain lodges and tour operators as well. The average salary of travel and tourism worker would be maximum around CAD 1,00,000 and higher per annum and minimum around CAD 21,000 per annum.



  1. Photography:



There are so many different ways and aspects in which the people can be so creative and have fun at the same time in the field of photography. They can take the pictures of different places, people, birds, nature, animals and so many other things to show their creativity, talent and interest. And then they can open their own workplace be it a small or a big one. It can be a photo studio.



There are also other options like working for a big clients and companies or working as a freelancer. They can also sell their amazing and interesting photos to various organizations, customers and professional bodies. Normally the wage rate for photographers would be maximum around CAD 41 and higher per hour and minimum around CAD 21 per hour.



  1. Pilot:



The students or the graduates can be the part of a highly recognized and respected field and can have a lot of fun flying aeroplanes regularly. Also they get to enjoy amazing things while travelling like the beautiful view of a sky, other different locations, learning about new planes and new technologies as they are launched in the market. People even call them a captain as they transport the passengers very safely. The wage rate for pilots would be maximum around CAD 64 and higher per hour and minimum around CAD 38 per hour.



  1. Event Manager:



The event manager performs the responsibilities like planning the events, coordinating for all the high-profile activities related to the event, meeting the concerned persons and getting the appreciations as well sometimes for the wonderful work they do. All the people in industry will enjoy the details and activities which are handled by event manager making the events amazing and successful. Also they have a lot of fun at the same time while working with their teams and groups. The average wage rate for event managers would be maximum around CAD 34 and higher per hour and minimum around CAD 22 per hour.



  1. Hair Stylist:



The hair stylist job is so cool that you chat up with your new clients everyday and give the fresh and stunning looks to them which will help them to feel their best. A hair stylist training program can give u an exposure, a lot of fun and social careers. You become a master in cutting, coloring and styling the hair in new ways with new updates in the field. The interactions with the people would be amazing. The average wage rate for event managers would be maximum around CAD 22 and higher per hour and minimum around CAD 13 per hour.



  1. Software Developer:



The software developer can always have fun while creating the innovative and different software which are widely used and solve the problems of many individuals, people and organizations. It makes the processes of any workplace very efficient and consumers feel very happy by using the software systems because of their ease of operations.



It will be a great opportunity for software developer as information technology sector is growing at a very rapid rate. It also has the strong financial growth. The person will require a lot of practice before entering into the field. The students who are planning to study programming will find numerous opportunities in the software development field. The average wage rate for software developers would be maximum around CAD 50 and higher per hour and minimum around CAD 33 per hour.



  1. Interior Decorator:



The job openings for interior designers are going to increase in next few years. The students need to complete their studies in the field of interior designing and then they can apply for the job in some big and known companies which will offer them a very good salary package. The interior designers enjoy their jobs while decorating and making the different places and houses look amazing and beautiful by their wok.



They get a lot of appreciation for their interior designing work. The people will have a lot of fun while working with different people in this field which requires a lot of innovative ideas and art work. They will not spend a single day boring as they will have lots of stuff to carry out from picking up the colors, furniture and deciding the design of the place. The average wage rate for software developers would be maximum around CAD 37 and higher per hour and minimum around CAD 18 per hour.



  1. Chef:



The chef in restaurants and hotels or the people who have their own setup will become a specialty chef. They can focus on their different areas of very interesting and exciting processes. They can become the best experts in their areas of cooking, making delicious food dishes, pastries and sweet dishes. After serving for few years, they can also go on a higher level as celebrity chef and can have their own cooking classes and teach other people as well.



The students who are planning to study in the same field will have a lot of opportunities and make a brighter career. The average wage rate for chefs would be maximum around CAD 25 and higher per hour and minimum around CAD 16 per hour.



  1. Tourist Guide:



Canada is the country which is known for its beautiful cities and nature. There are many things about Canada which tourists want to see and experience. It will be a great chance for the students or people who are very enthusiastic and have the hobby of travelling and being at the new places. They will be able to work as tourist guides in the travel and tourism industry and there will be a great exposure for them. The average wage rate for tourist guides would be maximum around CAD 45,000 and higher per annum and minimum around CAD 27,000 per hour.



The international students do not need to compromise and settle for just a simple and ordinary workplace or a job which will make the things boring and less interested. It will be completely worth to take a chance with their career, follow their dreams and passion, listen to their heart and purse the career in which they are interested in. You just need to take some steps towards few aspects which are required to make brighter career like developing proper skills, knowledge, information and experience in the relevant field.



It is very important for all the students, especially Indian students that they make the best out of all the opportunities available to them in a country they are studying in. They definitely have a lot of potential, it is just that they need to be guided properly and take every step calculatingly so that they can achieve their goal which they have decided in their life. It is very important for all to enjoy what they do. The list of these jobs are prepared based on the interests and experience of the international and Canadian students as well. And as all of us know, it is very important to get well paid as well with the work we do. So these jobs can be the best options for any students to do when they study in Canada.



The students should not wait for a moment and can plan their brighter future in a very good way if they are planning to go to Canada. APPLY NOW to shape your career while studying in Canada.



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