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Open Up Your Career Options in Canada!

Open Up Your Career Options in Canada


The goal of students now-a-days is not just to find a job. They want to explore their career options which are in demand and pick a relevant field which will give them the higher potential for high pay and job security. And it is not that difficult for the students if they study in Canada. Canada is a country where all the demanded jobs for next few years will be offering the students a great opportunity to earn more because the employers in Canada have to be very careful in retaining the workers with good skills and qualities owing to the shortage of talented and skilled labors.


And specially for international students, it is the time now for them to set their goals and choose a career path looking at the retirement ration in Canada. There are ample of job opportunities available for international students and the younger generation of Canada as well who want to study and choose a career path in their relevant field.


To give you more idea in detail about where you would find all these career opportunities, there are some points mentioned below including the details of high demanded career opportunities in Canada. These areas in Canada required the high quality workers and there are many job opportunities for international students and Canadian students as well.



  1. Nursing
  2. Business Management Counselor
  3. Physiotherapy Assistant
  4. Software Engineering
  5. Electrician
  6. Pilot
  7. Pharmaceutical Industry
  8. Mental Health and Wellness
  9. Animal Health Care



  1. Nursing:



Nursing is at the top of the list when it comes to the high demanded jobs in Canada. There are two main factors which drive the demand of practiced nurses in Canada. The first one is the retirement age of baby boomers. That means more and more nurses will be retired very soon and new workforce will be required. The second factor affecting the demand of nurses is old age people in Canada. The aging people in Canada have higher healthcare needs and it results in the new jobs so more and more nurses are required.






  1. Business Management Counselor



The Canadian market is becoming very competitive. It is very important that the businesses are productive and make profits in the market. This is the reason that the higher management hire the business management consultants to help them to grow and achieve their targets and goals which are set for a year. There is a high demand of business consulting in Canada because the workers are retiring and shifting to the other positions or fields. And more and more business management consultants are required by new businesses and organizations.



There are more than 5000 workers required in business management consulting field in Canada by 2024. This is a very good news for the students like you who are planning to study business management program in Canada. Students can finish the business management degree and then start working in the relevant field and can gain experience in various business related fields, organizations and positions.



  1. Physiotherapy Assistant:



As mentioned above, the population in Canada include more aging people and they want to live healthy and enjoy their life styles as long as possible. The physiotherapy assistants play the part in making that happen for them. Also the hospitals in Canada have moved to a model of outpatient so that they can free up some beds and can offer the physiotherapy services as a part of their services.


Physiotherapists and their assistants perform very important work which helps to manage the movement of people in hospitals and they also try to solve other mental and physical conditions. The students who study about physiotherapy and take a job in the same filed, they can take a very critical and important role which can help people to live more comfortably. They can help the people by guiding them about improvement and maintenance of their mobility and extending the time as well in which they are able to live by being self-dependent.


It will be a very good filed for students to get in as it has a high demand in Canada for jobs as well. These kind of services are required more and more because of the population ages.



  1. Software Engineering:



The software engineering and designing is definitely at the top for high demanded jobs. It is also estimated that the software engineering field will have more requirement than the qualified and skilled workers who will fill the job openings by 2024. And most of the job openings will be the reason of new job creations and people moving to the different fields like sales, management and nursing.




More and more engineers and developers will be required by Canada as the industries like telecommunications, mobile, software, Information technology and computer are growing rapidly there. Also equipment and machinery sectors will also drive the high demand of software engineers. So the international students will have a lot of opportunities related to technology, designs and software development.



  1. Electrician:



Electricians in Canada enjoy some of the best job options in the skilled trades. Specially the industrial electricians are having a very high demand. By 2024 more than 2000 skilled electricians will be required by Canada in various fields of electricity. This is because many workers are getting retired, are being promoted or they are moving to the different fields and careers.



Mostly half of the electricians in the industry are occupied in the manufacturing sectors. The rapid growth is expected in various manufacturing sectors. So there is a possibility that the international students will get a lot of employment options in the field of electrician if they study the relevant program in Canadian institution. The students can prepare themselves to get the important jobs in the field of machines, testing, installing, maintaining and repairing the industrial stuff for organizations.



  1. Pilot:



The international students will have a chance to join the air pilots in Canada who enjoy their highest paying and demand in the Canadian market. It is expected by 2024 that many skilled workers and pilots will be retiring and many job openings will be available to new workforce who will pass out by 2024. With aircraft maintenance engineering, there are other fields which will require the workforce like railway, traffic and marine fields.


There are ample of opportunities available for the international students who study aircraft maintenance engineering and pilot programs to work as a pilot in Canada. Many students who get the jobs as pilot work for small, medium, and large airlines which are commercial and flying domestically and internationally. Other students generally choose to work as pilots in helicopter. When we look at the job openings for pilot, they are categorized in many groups and fields giving lot of opportunities to international and Canadian students as well.





  1. Pharmaceutical Industry:



The pharmaceutical help is required by the aging people in Canada and that is why the students have a very good scope in pharmaceutical industry. The people in Canada want to stay healthy. Also the retail stores are increasing day by day which are offering pharmacy services so the demand for the students who will study pharmacy or the students who have already studied and working as pharmacists will continue to grow like anything in Canada.



Also in Canada, As the aging population will require more and more pharmaceutical help to stay healthy and as mentioned the increase in number of retail stores offering pharmacy services will raise the demand for qualified pharmacists in Canada. And same for pharmaceutical industry as well, many workers who are working in this field will be retiring by 2024 so there will be ample of job openings for pharmacists.


The students who study pharmacy are the experts in drug who will play a very important role in educating the patients. They will also supervise the medications and will counsel lots of patients on how to use each drug. So the role of pharmacists has expanded in these few years. This field of pharmacy gives a lot of opportunities, potential and exposure to international students.



  1. Mental Health and Wellness:



The mental health and wellness field will have around 10,000 job openings and the highest demand of this field will be in the provinces of Canada which are New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec and Ontario.


The average hourly wage would be CAD 40. The issues related to mental health and wellness are being paid more attention in all the sectors in Canada and that is the main reason it is high demanded sector. And it will continue to be on the top for next five years. The international students who will study in the field of mental health and wellness will have their expertise to offer counselling to the people who are struggling with the depression. They can do the therapy for anxiety and many other problems related to mental health and wellness. There are also various fields available in psychology in which the international students can study and have a lot of opportunities in Canada.


  1. Animal Health Care:



The animal health care field will have around 5,000 job openings and the highest demand of this field will be in the provinces or territories of Canada which are, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan and Quebec.


The average hourly wage would be CAD 17.15. The field of animal health care is having a little younger workforce than many other fields in Canada. So the reason for a lot of employment and job opportunities for making the brighter career of international students will be the new job opening in the field of animal health care.


The existing workers with old ages will be retiring and moving to the other positions in the same industry or will move to a complete different industry only. So there will be ample to job options available for the international students who will be studying in the field of animal health care.



So the international students should definitely start preparing for the high demanded jobs in Canada as they will discover many opportunities and employment options to grow while working in Canada. APPLY NOW!




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