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Canada- A Topmost Study Abroad Destination Preferred by Indian Students

Canada- A Topmost Study Abroad Destination Preferred by Indian Students



Canada is a topmost foreign destination for study abroad and thousands of international students now want to go there to study their higher education because of its cultural diversity, top ranked institutions and attractive education system. Canada gives the equal opportunity to international students for both learning and earning as well.


Indian students are increasing in Canada from last 2 years:


In the past 2 years, Canada has welcomed a plethora of international students and all these students are mostly from India. Indian students prefer Canada first than any other foreign countries for their higher studies and bright career and still looking at the statistics of last 2-3 years, Canada is on the top of the list for Indian students for studying abroad.


Canada being a most popular country among Indian students:


The most important reason behind Canada being a popular country for Indian students to study abroad is the work permit after 2 years course completion and PR opportunities. The popular cities like Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto attract the students to live in and explore the new places.


Immigration and Work permit rules for Indian students:


Because of Immigration and Work permit rules of Canada, The Indian students are more interested to study in Canada for their higher studies. And there are various study and job options available for Indian students which also attract the students to go for Canada.


There are mainly 3 intakes available for Indian students to apply in Canadian institutions to study- Jan, May and September intakes. So the students have more chances to apply for same year if they miss any of the intakes.


2 years Diploma programs followed by work permit:


When the students apply for any 2 year program in Canadian Institution, the students can easily get the study visa for Canada and once they complete their 2 year program in any of the Canadian institutions , they have the opportunity to stay back in Canada for 3 years based on their work permit if any employer hires them and gives a strong recommendation for the students. After that students can apply for for PNP- provincial nominee program number and can apply for permanent residency option.


Education Planning and popular cities are the attraction:


The education plan with details encourages the international students to manage their jobs during their undergraduate or graduate studies. As discussed above, the popular cities in Canada like Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Quebec and Ottawa having a large share of international-student population and they provide a beautiful life and atmosphere to students


The most popular and top ranked universities are in Canada like University of British Columbia, University of Toronto, University of Alberta, University of Waterloo and many more. Canada has been considered as the most safest country in the world with a good quality of life.


The Canadian teaching style:


The Canadian teaching style is so effective. The programs are planned including all the necessary elements like theoretical knowledge, practical workshops, group tasks and assignments so that the students can get a lot of exposure in terms of studies and getting a better job also in the relevant field.


The Indian students get the internationally recognized degrees from the institutions in Canada and a very high quality of education which help them to get job anywhere in the world in a very short span of time once they complete their undergraduate or graduate degree.


SDS: Student Direct Stream Program


Now that the Indian students prefer Canada and the Canada is also welcoming students to get the high quality education and brighter future, the Canadian Government and High Commission have introduced SDS program which is Student Direct Stream. It will help to speed up the visa processing for Indian students and 2-3 countries more.


There are some important points which need to be considered when the students are applying under SDS program:


  • The Canadian institution should have DLI number- Designated Learning Institutions where the students want to apply under SDS program.


  • The IELTS score should me minimum 6 in all the modules, Overall, Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.


  • The students should pay one year tuition fee for a program they are interested in.


  • GIC- Guaranteed Investment Certificate of $10,000 should be there with the student  while applying for a student visa for Canada.


  • The proof of medical examination at least one week before submitting the visa application to Canadian embassy.


Earlier it was SPP- Student Partners Program under which the students were applying to Canada but now that this new program has been launched, it is expected that there will be a good change in the number of international, mostly Indian students in Canada for studies.

These rules and regulations will make the entry of Indian students easy in Canada for their further studies, job options and PR opportunities.


Most affordable country:


Canada is considered as the most affordable country than any other countries in the world like U.S.A, UK and Australia. The students can earn while studying and they can also pay their tuition fee sometimes from their earnings. Canadian universities and colleges have tie ups with some very popular and giant industries.


On Campus and Off Campus job opportunities:


The students can directly be placed for a job in these industries by campus recruitment. The Indian students have a lot of opportunities on campus and off campus also. Canada has the highest employment rate compared to any other foreign countries in the world. The big industries hire the students having good skills and communication from Canadian institutions once they are ready to complete their education and immediately they are on the job training in the relevant field.


So, these are the main reasons Indian students are more and more attracted towards Canada for their higher studies. They get the best of their life, education and experience in Canada with the support of faculties, the people surrounding them and the government of the country as well in terms of legal aspects.


APPLY NOW as it is the best time to study in Canada if you are planning to study abroad!



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