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A Comprehensive Guide to Begin Your Career While Studying in Canada:

A Guide to Begin Your Career While Studying in Canada




Canada has now recognized that international students can be a great addition to the country’s human resources, and many options are there in place which gives you the opportunity to stay in Canada after you study there, graduate, work for part time and finally start your career in Canada.


If a settlement in Canada is not your goal or you are not sure about where you may end up and what you want to do, it is very important that you consider all the options available for getting valuable job and work experience which can help you later in your career in Canada or anywhere in the world.




Recommendation is very important part in the Canadian job market. Many students who graduate from Canadian institutions find a job through their network of people they know, and the employers are also often likely to consider hiring the graduates or any other students based on a recommendation from somebody they know and trust. Sometimes the job postings are not published also, as employers would already know who they want to hire through their network or recommendation.


Even if you have been selected by any company for internship, give your best and keep in touch with the people at your workplace. They should remember the impact you made during your internship period. That can be very helpful.


You can also use a card having a simple text and your details on it including your social media network and your personal e-mail address so in case if the person wants to contact you after you complete your graduation then they can send the details on the right email address.


Career Counselling Centre: 


Most of the institutions in Canada have their own career counselling centre where students can get advice on how to go ahead after completing their program of study, Canadian job market and the opportunities available within students’ field of study. These centres have their connections with some big industries and employers and they will definitely be able to connect students with a mentor who can guide them further or provide with other opportunities like internship. They will have the answers for all your queries and will be able to provide a lot of information regarding the job opportunities.



During Your Program of Study:


It is very important that you think about your professional life after your graduation in advance even while you are still studying. The students with good skills and communication who take initiatives to improve their career options, they are the first ones to be hired by big industries to offer the job which these students want upon leaving the institution they are studying in.



Finding Experienced Adviser


An experienced adviser is someone in the respective field who will be able to offer you advice on how to achieve success in your career once you complete your studies in Canada. An experienced adviser may be a senior student, a faculty, a family friend or anyone who is willing to guide you about your career on how you can reach your goals. The students should try to be in touch with such people who have their strong presence and recommend you in your desired industry, even though you have never met that person earlier.



A strong follow up is very important with your faculties, lecturers or any other people you meet after your meeting. You can always send follow up text or e-mail would be the best thing to do. Keep in touch with them regularly and make sure you have the regular knowledge and update about the industries and job opportunities.



Social Media Connection: 


When pursuing a career in Canada, it’s more than acceptable to reach out via some professional apps like LinkedIn or Skype. The proactive students with good skills and communication who are looking for an opportunity contact the people having connections in the relevant industries via these applications.


It is not necessary that you need to connect with the people after you complete your graduation, it would be even better if you are doing it during your studies.



Visiting Workshops and Conferences:


Canadian institutions often host many conferences, events and workshops conducted by experts and professionals for their students from all around the world. You still may be able to attend these workshops and events hosted at any other Universities or college in Canada even if you are not a student at these universities or college. And it would be great if you volunteer at a larger event so that you can get a better chance of meeting the people who can be very helpful.


As an international student you already have a strong profile that you have the courage to come to a completely different country and have tried to connect with new people and maybe have learned a new language. It would impress the employer that you already have the learning and adapting ability. Your passion and determination can help you to reach your goal in your life, so please do not miss to mention these things while you are giving interviews or meeting some professional people.


There are many job opportunities in Canada and the students who graduate from Canadian institutions have a lot of options for their career. While applying for jobs as a fresher, you might not have anything to mention as experience or talent in your resume, but you may mention the part time work experience you had during the internships in Canadian companies.


So these are some important points which guide you on how you can be proactive and find some good connections in the relevant industries for the better future. Studying in Canada gives a lot of opportunities to international students to make their future brighter and it is considered as most supportive country also for international students.


If you are planning to choose your career options, there is no doubt that Canada can be the best option for you at the moment. APPLY NOW if you need more guidance and want us to help you for your better future.




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