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Step by Step Canada Student Visa Process for Students!

Canada Student Visa Process



Canada student visa is a dream of each and every Indian student. Canada being the most desirable and hot favorite country by Indian students provides very easy rules and regulations for applying student visa. Below are the processes to apply for a student visa for Canada.


  1.   Apply Online
  2.   Documents Assessment
  3.   Application Process
  4.   Offer Letter
  5.   Pending Documents Submission
  6.   GIC- Guaranteed Investment Certificate
  7.   Tuition Fee Deposit
  8.   Final Letter of Acceptance
  9.   Submitting a Visa File
  10.   Pre Departure/ Refund process
  11.   Accommodation/Airport Pick up



  1. Apply Online:



The students after completing their Grade 12 or Graduation can apply Online for Canadian Institution they are interested in. They can go to the portal of that particular institution and can browse various options and programs available related to their field. Students can also visit the V Future Step website for exploring the countries and programs which will be very helpful to them in deciding what program should they study or which country they should apply for. Once they are clear about country and program, they can send an email to the international recruitment department of that institution with their documents requesting the institution to let them know if they are eligible for any program in that institution. If the students are not aware how to do this process, they can contact V Future Step team and we will connect students with best of the consultants according to their requirements.



So there are the 2 ways students can place a request to Canadian institution for applying for the available intake. 1. They can apply themselves online or via email. 2. They can take help from V Future Step platform which will connect them to agencies for studying abroad to guide them.



  1. Documents Assessment:



Once students send in the request for applying to particular institution with their documents, personal details and academic details, then the Canadian institution will check the eligibility of those students whether they are meeting the requirements of that particular institution or program the students have applied for. If the student is eligible for applying to an institution with overall requirements then the requirements of the program are checked if student has selected any program. If the student has not selected any program then the officer who is evaluating the eligibility of the student gives them the program options to choose.



If the student is willing to go for a particular program and he or she is not eligible for that program, then the alternate option is suggested to a student. And based on the documents, the students are suggested the programs which available in institution.



  1. Application Process:



The students will be notified by a Canadian institution that they have received students’ documents and the request for applying to their institution. An email or a confirmation will be sent to students for this. Once this email is sent, then the applications of students are processed by an institution for requested intake. The application fee will also be deducted for student’s application. There are many ways for students to pay their application fee to institution. They can provide their credit card details to institution when they send their complete application. The students can also deposit the tuition fee amount via wire transfer in institution’s bank account. And there are also some platforms which provide the services to transfer the money without any hassle for the students and institution like Western Union, Fly wire etc. Application fee is mandatory for all the students to pay. The institutions will provide the application fee waiver if there is any special case or request.



  1. Offer Letter:



The Canadian institution will send the offer letter to a student for a particular program and intake he has applied for. Offer letter is a document which includes the personal details of a student, institution details, program details, intake details and tuition fee details which will help student to understand the duration of program and intake and deadline for submitting the tuition fees. Offer letter is considered as a very important document during the visa process of the student.



Offer letter can be of two types. One will be conditional and another will be unconditional. The Unconditional offer letter will be sent to the student has submitted all his academic documents like Grade 10 mark sheet, Grade 12 mark sheet, Individual graduation mark sheets, Degree certificate, Passport, experience letter if any and other special documents if required by institution for a particular program.



But if the student is applying after giving Grade 12 exam or last semester exam of graduation and does not carry the mark sheet then student can apply on conditional basis and the student will be sent the conditional offer letter. The conditional offer letter can also be provided if the student is having all the mark sheets and other documents  but he or she has just taken IELTS date and score card is pending.



It depends on institutions if they want to provide conditional offer letter to students or not. If they do not want to provide the conditional offer letter to student then the student needs to wait and submit all the required documents together in order to get the unconditional offer letter from a particular Canadian institution.



  1. Pending Documents Submission:



The students who are given the conditional offer letter from the institution, they need to submit the pending documents in order to get the unconditional and final offer letter from the institution. Once the student send all the academic documents and required pending documents for a particular program, the Canadian institution will issue the unconditional offer letter to a student.



  1. GIC- Guaranteed Investment Certificate:



The students need to apply for GIC i.e Guaranteed Investment Certificate once the offer letter is received from the institution. Students need to deposit CAD 10000 in Nova Scotia Bank. The confirmation receipt from Nova Scotia Bank will be sent to student once the money is deposited from student’s bank account.



The money should be deposited from student’s bank account only. The students can withdraw some fixed amount every month when they reach Canada after their student visa from nearest Nova Scotia Branch.



  1. Tuition Fee Deposit:



The students need to pay the tuition deposit of a program for first semester to apply for a student visa to Canada before filing their visa. The tuition fee can be deposited in institution’s bank account mostly. The students can also provide their credit card details if the institutions accept the same. Also as mentioned above for application fee, tuition deposit can be transferred via some platforms like Western Union, Fly wire without any hassle. The Canadian institution will issue the tuition fee receipt to student once they pay their tuition deposit.



  1. Final Letter of Acceptance:



The students will be provided the final letter of acceptance from the Canadian institution once they pay their tuition deposit. Final letter of acceptance is a document which includes all the details related to student’s program, scheduled dates of institution, orientation date, class start date, medial insurance details, tuition fee schedule for next semester, airport pick up details, flight details, accommodation details and many other details which are very important for students to know before they fly to Canada and start attending the classes.



  1. Submitting a Visa File:



The students need to submit the Canada student visa file by filling all the important and necessary forms which are required for student visa with all other supporting documents. The visa filing can be done in two ways. The students can apply online and on paper as well. The academic and financial documents which are required for support can be uploaded online on the website given by Canadian High Commission. And if the student wants to file a visa on paper then all the forms need to be arranged in a proper manner with other supporting documents like academic documents, financial documents, IELTS score card, tuition fee receipt and other financial documents if required. If student is applying under general category then there would be different forms to fill for a student visa and if students are applying under SDS category then also the forms will be different but under SDS only GIC can work as financial documents, no other documents are required for financial support. More documents for support will be required for finance if student is applying under general category.



  1. Pre Departure/ Refund Process:



Generally it takes 60 days now for the visa result from Canadian embassy under SDS category and 75 days under general category. If the student receives the positive result for student visa then the students need to inform the institution about their visa or they can inform their agency also if they have hired any agency for their visa filing. The students will be given the pre departure details after receiving their student visa from the institution. They will be given a call or session as well on phone or professional applications.



If student’s visa is rejected then the student needs to apply for the tuition fee refund. They will need to show their visa refusal letter or email which they received from embassy to institution that their student visa has been rejected. Then only their tuition fee refund can be processed. They can fill up the tuition fee refund form provided by institution and attach refusal letter with the form and send it to institution for processing their refund. Generally it takes 4 to 6 weeks to process the tuition fee refund.



  1. Accommodation/Airport Pick up:



Once the students receive the visa for Canada, then the students will be provided the details about the accommodation and airport pick up. The Canadian institution will send the details of airport pick up timings, charges and the airports as well. They inform the students about the flights to be booked and the connected flights as well which they can consider while booking their flight tickets. The students need to pay the charges for accommodation and airport pick up which institutions ask to pay.


So these are step by step processes while applying for a student visa for Canada. The students need to follow all the processes which are required to get the Canada student visa. The processes may vary from institution to institution in Canada but in general, these processes would be there for all the students who are willing to apply for student visa.


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