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Canada to Take Over the Top Countries in International Students Recruitment by 2020:


Canada to Take Over the Top Countries in International Students Recruitment by 2020



Being the most affordable and safest country in the world, Canada has been attracting a lot of international students to go there, study and make their future even better. Students also enjoy living, studying, working and spending their free time with the Canadian community.


It is noticed that there has been a decrease in international students in some countries like U.S.A, U.K and Australia. And this has happened because of the immigration and work permit rules and regulations of these countries. While Canada is attracting more and more students because of their easy and simple immigration and work permit rules. And now Canada has launched SDS- Student Direct Stream program as well for few countries to streamline the student visa process for International students.


Canadian Government is continuously making the changes in their processes, rules and regulations related to higher education of international students because they have also realized that the country needs a great workforce in terms of young generation now.


According to the statistical reports, over the last 10 years the numbers of Indian students going abroad for higher studies has increased radically and in 2016/17, more than 2 lacs Indian students have chosen overseas destinations to study.


119% increase in international students in 7 years:


The reason that Indian students are preferring Canada over other countries is their immigration and work permit rules. There has been 119% increase in international students in Canada in last 7 years (Source:CBIE). Studying in Canada would definitely help you if you are an interactive student. It is a very beautiful country having 10 provinces and 3 territories with some most popular cities in the world like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. International students really enjoy their student life and work life as there is a detailed education plan and schedules related to their studies. It is trouble-free for international students and they can manage their time for all the things they want to do along with their studies.


Canada is the only country providing a lot of study or program options and job opportunities to international students and that has been the attraction for many of the students who wish to study abroad. Other foreign countries are also giving the options and programs but compared to Canada, they have started facing a little bit decrease in their international student recruitment.


International students choose to study in Canada mostly for the fields like Business, Engineering, Social Sciences, Health Sciences and Education. Moreover, Canada has an exceptional teaching style so that the students can be being more proactive and can develop good skills for the job in relevant field.


Many countries sending students to Canada:


In previous year, the list of countries which sent the international students to Canada is as follows:


China, India, South Korea, France, Vietnam, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Japan, Taiwan


7 out of 10 international students studying in Canada agree that studying abroad, especially Canada has impacted their career choices, their life style and the way of thinking to loot at the world. They learn to be responsible and explore the world by going to a new country and meeting different kind of people and communities.


Tuition Fees in Canada:


The tuition fees in Canada are also low and affordable so that the students can work and manage some part of their education fees also. The tuition fees vary from institution to institution. The expenses which are done for studying in Canada can be comprised with tuition fees, cost of living, insurance and other miscellaneous things.


The Canadian institutions set their own tuition fees depending on international students’ location, citizenship and undergraduate or postgraduate level. If we consider the average tuition fees for undergraduate students, it is around CAD 14,000 per annum. And the postgraduate programs’ cost will be around CAD 42,000 per annum. The average cost of living for students in Canada goes up to CAD10,000-15,000 per year.

The Top 10 Institutions in Canada:


  1.  University of Toronto
  2.  University of British Columbia
  3.  McGill University
  4.  McMaster University
  5.  University of Montreal
  6.  University of Alberta
  7.  University of Calgary
  8.  University of Ottawa
  9.  University of Waterloo
  10. University of Victoria


Ease of Application Process:


The Canadian institutions have made their application processing system very easy that the students are also able to know the status on their applications for the institutions they have applied for studying in Canada. Most of the Canadian institutions are having their online portal where the students can create their own account with the institution they want to apply for.


Students can access the online application portal by using their e-mail id or username and password, they can upload the details like their academics, personal details, location details, reason why they want to apply to the particular institution, other special documents which are required to apply for a particular program. So it is very easy for students to go to the portal and submit all the details at one shot only.


Overseas Education Consultants’ support:


In India, students do take help from overseas education consultants to guide them for all the process starting from their application to visa filing process.


And the services of these overseas education consultancies will be to provide the guidance for choosing right country and program, career counselling, helping in scholarship options, education loan and visa application assistance. Students may find the list of top consultants for Canada here.


Looking at the statistical report for international students recruitment in last 2 years, Canada is undoubtedly taking higher place than other foreign countries for recruiting and for giving a better future as well to numerous international students from all over the world.


Studying in Canada will definitely be a huge experience for international students, improving the mindset of students and widening horizons with students’ chosen program and all the aspects that come with high education, but it is really amazing to do all these things in a different country. It changes the students’ life completely. From all the countries all around the world, Canada is very popular among Indian students and there is no doubt about it. Colleges and universities in Canada are offering and excellent and world-class education to international students.


You will be very happy to know that Times Higher Education Supplement ranked 12 Canadian institutions in the top 200 institutions. Studying in Canada will help in many other ways : Lower cost of studies, part time and full time employment opportunities while you are studying and for a year after you complete your graduation program, and of course a great lifestyle in a beautiful,diverse and safest country.




The students might just qualify for one of the many scholarships provided by Canadian institutions or associations to students with strong communication skills, academic grades and well-rounded experiences. They have also introduced some programs or funding opportunities for international students just like you who choose to study abroad in Canada.


Strong and Well Known Industries:


Canada has been continuously working on the technology aspects also. There are many strong and known industries in Canada in the fields like Aircraft maintenance engineering, hospitality management, Northern american business, aeronautical engineering, digital media, video gaming, animation, supply chain and management, petroleum. So there are many opportunities for students to go for various fields and build their career. As most of the people know that Canada was the first country which introduced the internet services to libraries and schools. International students can learn a lot of new things while studying in Canada during their bachelors or masters degree. And it will get the students very far in their life with these amazing experiences and learning.


High Paying Jobs:


Have we mentioned anything related to high wages jobs in Canada? The jobs are almost available to all the students who are seeking the full time employment in there relevant fields or industries as freshers also and with experience, they stand a great chance to work with some top ranked MNCs in Canada. So this means if you have a thought of staying in Canada after your graduation or post graduation is completed then you should really consider pursuing your studies in the programs and fields that guarantee the best opportunities for employment.


Temporary Jobs:


You will have a very long vacation during summer in Canada, Students can look for temporary jobs at festivals, holidays, camps, concerts, some events and many other opportunities. The best part time jobs during your studies are back end office assistant, bookkeeper and customer service assistant. Students can earn a good amount of money during their vacations and festivals to manage their expenses with studies.


Popular programs with high employment opportunities:


There are many popular programs in Canadian institutions having a lot of opportunities for employment are as follows:


– Business & Finance

– Computer Science & IT

– Master of Business Administration

– Core Engineering & Engineering Management

– Physical & Earth Sciences and Renewable Energy

– Hospitality Management

– Agricultural Science & Forestry

– Petroleum and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

– Bio sciences, Medicine & Healthcare.

– Media & Journalism

– Aviation Management


Canadian Institutions’ Unique Education System:


The Canadian institutions have some common characteristics which help students to study with focus and practical experience.


– Students are always welcomed by faculties in case of any misunderstanding or if they want to share anything. The Canadian institutions have small size classes so they are able to focus on each and every students’ progress and queries.


– After any kind of exam, presentation and task, faculties do share the valuable feedback with all the students so that they can also increase their performance.

– The lectures which are delivered by faculties are full of entertainment, knowledge sharing ideas, analytical thinking and engagement of the students so that they can study with interest and understand everything.


So all these points and aspects are very important for any student who is looking for a quality education and want to build their career by going to another country. The best things about Canada is that the students do get the different experiences and culture to adjust but they never feel that there is nobody to interact or talk to because the Canadian people are so helpful and interactive with all the communities’ students who are working there and supporting them a lot. And this encourages more and more international students to apply for Canada for their higher education and career.


There should not be any other good and affordable option for a student who is willing to go to study abroad and explore a new country and make new friends to build the better career in life. So do not wait for a moment also and APPLY NOW to Canada and give a head start to your career!


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