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Top 12 Insights of Studying in Canada!

Top 12 Insights of Studying in Canada- VFS


The advanced knowledge of the foreign country you want to study in, not only helps you to explore the place but it gives you the whole idea about understanding people and the culture in that particular country. It can also help you adjust to the environment of that country.



Canada is declared the country with the best reputed Universities in the world. There are countless reasons why education in Canada is the best for international students.



Canada claimed the number one spot in categories for studying and living both whereas also ranking high for working, visiting and investing. Canada is a natural destination for thousands of international students with world-class institutions, and a culture of tolerance and diversity.



Canada thereby making it one of the ideal destinations among Indian and other international students to study. Here are some of the top insights to enroll in one of Canada’s premiere educational institutions as an international student.



  1. Safe and Secure Country


The most important factor for most Indian and other international students while choosing a study abroad program, is the safety and security of the country and the city in particular. Parents are worried about the safety of their children and factors like crime against women, racial discrimination, theft and burglary play an important role while choosing a destination for study abroad. Considering all these aspects, Canada is one of the safest country to study with very low crime rates and cases of racial discrimination.



  1. Brilliant Health Care


The medical insurance is not that much costly in Canada and also the services which are provided by Canadian hospitals or healthcare centres are among some of the most advanced and accessible in the world. So students do not have to worry about their medical expenses while studying in Canada.



  1. High Employment Rate


It can not be denied that studying abroad is very costly. Job prospects are strong for Canada’s international grads. The Canadian institutions are very proud to have more than 5,000 global collaboration agreements. Combined with Canada’s focus on industry-specific applied research, it’s no surprise that more than 90% of students are employed less than six months after graduation.



  1. Varied Options


The choice of universities in Canada is wide and diverse, from major research institutions to small liberal arts schools. Students have a lot of opportunities in terms of selecting programs or institutions. Universities in Canada offer a wide range of undergraduate, graduate and professional degree programs.


  1. Affordable Education & Living


Along with the quality education, Canada also offers affordable education for international students especially Indian. The students can bear their living expenses on their own from the part time income. Also while comparing to other foreign destinations like the UK, USA and Australia, cost of education in Canada is quite moderate.



  1. Multicultural Environment


International students enjoy the multicultural environment in Canada with people of all religions, different backgrounds and cultures. Canadian people are extremely friendly and welcoming. The multicultural environment gives students an opportunity to interact with people of all backgrounds and ethnicity. Canada is also having some restaurants serving ethnic and traditional (Indian) foods.



  1. Scholarships


Canada offers many scholarships specially intended for international students. While the cost of studying in Canada is very low, the rewards of are big for international students. The students can apply for many options available for scholarships and they will be able to get the help from some Canadian associations and the institutions as well.


  1. Education Organization


Canadian institutions maintain very high standards of teaching, academic excellence, practical knowledge and are consistently recognized in top international rankings. Also Canadian education fees is the lowest among other English-speaking countries.


  1. Internationally Accepted Degrees


Canadian degrees are recognized around the world as being equivalent to those obtained from the United States or any other countries. Canada boasts a wide range of quality educational institutions for both degrees and diplomas in technical and professional fields.


  1. Working in Canada after Graduation


International students who have graduated from a Canadian university have the opportunity to work in Canada for up to 3 years after they receive their degree or diploma provided that they have the recommendation from employer. They can also work on campus without a work permit.


  1. World Renowned Universities


Canada is at the top of the list for educational spending per capita from all the countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Most of the Canadian institutions are internationally regarded for their high academic standards and emphasis on research in post-secondary education.



  1. Student Friendly


Canada has the best educated people and the highest literacy rate in the world thus providing education in a student friendly manner. Also the Canadian people are so supportive towards the international students.



Canada provides the best quality of life to international students compared to all the highest ranked countries in the world. Generally there are two official languages used in Canada i.e English and French and both the languages are used equally. But you can easily survive just by talking and communicating in English anywhere you choose to go in Canada and you will not be facing any problems related to languages.



Canadian institutions provide the excellent teaching system. It is very easy and helpful for the international students to adjust, learn and grow in the country like Canada being so supportive, encouraging and enthusiastic towards international students.



Another advantage of studying in Canada is that the students are free to select the subject or program of their choice only. They have many options like diploma programs, post graduate diploma programs, bachelors programs, masters programs and PHDs as well. So it depends on the students after looking at their documents which program or course the students want to study and they can make their own choice before attending the Canadian institution.



So these are the main top 12 insights which you should know if you are planning to study in Canada. Some countries would not even have a doubt if Canada takes over the other foreign countries in terms of international students recruitment in next few years.



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